Cheap Flights to Albania

Cheap Flights to Albania

Highlights of Albania

When was the last time you traveled to a place where serenity and exquisite scenery met? Albania offers both, with the rocky, panoramic beach, and deep crystal waters by the Vlora Bay. Here you may enjoy seeing the most interesting archaeological ruins like the old theatre, the temple of Aesculapius, the baptistery with colorful mosaics, the ancient city walls and old fortress in the city of Butrint. The glacial Lura Lakes area offers astonishing big white water lilies during summer, leaving the impression of a big garden. You may also explore the past with a visit to the Castle of Berat, which houses several churches that were adorned with valuable frescoes and paintings.

Getting to Albania

For the cheapest flight to Albania, consider arriving at Tirana. This city has air links with such major European cities as Paris, Rome, and Budapest. Furthermore, it is a major city with many flights, and that many flights will result in cheaper airfares.


Tirana International Airport Nene Tereza also known as New Terminal of Tirana's Rinas Mother Teresa Airport is Albania's only major and international airport, located 17 miles northwest of Tirana near the town of Rina. This airport is linked to 29 destinations by 14 airlines and it served 1.8 million passengers with 44 landings and takeoffs per day. If you want even more cheap flights to Albania, then consider these small, public airports located in different parts of the country: Korce Northwest Airport, Gjirokaster Airport, Kukes Airport, Sarande Airport, Shkoder Airport, Tirane Heliport, and Gjader Air Base.


Two of the major, international, fully operational and affordable airlines in Albania are the Albanian Airlines and Belle Air. Albanian Airlines aircraft is the BAe 146 with outstanding performance on short runways and high reliability with a seating capacity that varies from 70 to 112 depending on the model and fuselage length. Belle Air has a varied fleet of six aircraft but the most popular is the Airbus A320 with a passenger capacity ranging from 100 to 220. You can check their online sites for information regarding schedules, but be sure to contact them at least 72 hours in advance.

Other Money-Saving Tips

One of the most effective tips is to book well in advance or at the last minute, though last minute booking is only for those with no definite travel schedule. Compare weekday vs. weekend travel since lower demand in the middle of the week often results in lower fares.

In Closing

If you want real adventure or simply a great place to relax, Albania might just be the answer. Fun and excitement or quiet contemplation is yours for the asking. Come make some memories in Albania.

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