North America is the world's third largest continent. It lies between the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean and is found above South America.

Canada and the United States are the best counties to visit in North America any time of the year. And the best time to go to the city that never sleeps is during spring and fall. New York is the city for those who dream big. It is a city of contrasts: while it is home to the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art and Broadway, its streets also spit up panhandlers and performance artists. For local transport, you can ride buses and trams, the train, and the subway. NYC's subway system covers 656 miles and is run by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. It runs round the clock and is the most trusted means of getting around the city.

Mexico City still proves a major crowd-drawer. Mexico City is surprisingly an easy city to get around in. It has a well-working subway system that covers most of the city. There are also small buses that ply its crowded streets. It is a city where so many scenes are said to be going on all at once. It has warm nights most of the week, but because of its busy street life tourists never seem to care. Your trip to Mexico wouldn't be complete without sampling tequila. And you can't afford to miss out on the works of first rate Mexican artist, Frida Kahlo.

Being a continent of three big countries, North America is rich in culture and adventure. To any aspiring traveler, exploring the natural and man-made wonders of North America proves a rare baptismal of fire.

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