Cheap Flights to Osaka

Cheap Flights to Osaka

Major Airports Serving Osaka

Kansai International Airport, (airport code KIX), is the international airport serving the Osaka region. Nestled in the middle of Osaka Bay on an artificially made island constructed to support the structure, KIX, known more commonly as Kanku, was ranked fourth in the Airport of the Year award for 2006. The airport has basic services, but also boasts lounges, a relaxation parlor, coin-operated showers, medical and dental clinics, a pet hotel, internet terminals and wireless access points, a specialized prayer room, and automated external defibrillators. With dedicated staff in the onsite hotel, restaurants of every variety, and police patrol, Kansai International ensures that you will be both satisfied and safe as you travel to and from Osaka.

Osaka International Airport, (airport code ITM), is the main domestic airport for the Kansai region which houses the Osaka prefecture. While it is officially called the Osaka International Airport, it houses no international traffic, so calling it by its colloquial name Itami Airport would be less confusing. Either way, Itami Airport is an important thoroughfare. It is the Kansai region's busiest airport despite competition for domestic traffic with Kansai International and the newly opened Kobe Airport. With ATMs at all terminals, plentiful shopping and culinary options, and all the best in reservations and accommodations, Itami Airport is a worthy cornerstone of traveling throughout Japan.

Kobe Airport, (airport code UKB), is a newly constructed facility that, like Kansai International, is nestled on an artificial island off the coast of Kobe, Japan, and is connected to Port Island, which is itself an artificial island in Kobe. It is smaller than either Kanku or Itami, having only one terminal served by only four airlines, but it is connected to Kansai International by a high-speed shuttle that can take people back and forth in just under a half hour for flights not serviced by Kobe..

More Information about Osaka

Osaka is historically the commercial capital of Japan, but the city has lost ground to Tokyo since World War II. The first brokerage company in Japan was founded in Osaka, and several global companies are still headquartered in Osaka. Shopping and cuisine in Osaka are also top notch, with thousands of stores centered in malls or traditional shopping strips and regional culinary outlets around every corner. As the regional saying goes, "Dress 'til you drop in Kyoto, eat 'til you drop in Osaka."

Osaka is a hub airport for the following airlines:

All Nippon Airways

Japan Airlines

Nippon Cargo Airlines

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