Finding Cheap Flights to Fresno, California

Finding Cheap Flights to Fresno, California

Both business and holiday travelers are likely to search for cheap flights to Fresno. There are many attractions in the city such as the Forestiere Underground Gardens with its underground chambers, Fresno Art Museum, and the Fresno Metropolitan Museum which includes the Science Center. Visitors can also enjoy the annual Fresno Film Festival and concerts performed by the Fresno Philharmonic Orchestra. International flights are available from European cities including three airports in Spain; Madrid through US Airways, Barcelona through British Airways, and Valencia through United Airlines. Air New Zealand also operates from Heathrow Airport, London to Fresno. All these routes can often be found among searches for cheap flights to Fresno. It is also possible to fly from the Mexican airports serving Mexico City (Mexicana Airlines), Guadalajara (Delta Airlines), and Cordoba (Copa Compania Panamena). Domestic flights are available from several US airports including Chicago (United Airlines and US Airways), Washington DC (Delta Airlines and American Airlines), Colorado Springs, Colorado (United Airlines), and Austin, Texas (US Airways). Delta Airlines also operates a route from Allentown in Pennsylvania. When looking for a cheap flight, it is also possible to find hotel and air packages. Many hotels, across a wide price range, participate in such packages offering travelers real value for money.

The major airport is Fresno Yosemite International Airport, which mainly operates domestic flights with the exception of Mexicana Airlines. Other airlines include American Airlines, Delta Connection, and United Express. There is also Fresno Chandler Executive Airport for general aviation traffic and Sierra Sky Park Airport which is privately owned but has access for the public.

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