Cheap Flights to Tel Aviv (Tel Aviv-Yafo)

Cheap Flights to Tel Aviv (Tel Aviv-Yafo)

To travel to Tel Aviv on a budget you simply have to wade your way through several internet sites to discover the very best prices for your flight. Be very careful and always compare apples to apples and oranges to oranges. The biggest airlines that fly into Tel Aviv include El Al Israel Airlines and British Airways.

There are several great travel tips to get you a cheap flight to almost anywhere in the world. One method is to use what is called a bucket shop or a travel consolidator. Bucket shops are travel agencies who made special arrangements with certain airlines to sell international tickets for far less than an airline's published prices. You do need to be wary, however, as all bucket shops are not the same. Make sure the bucket shop is reputable by checking with the better business bureau first.

So now that you have a way to get a cheap flight, enjoy Tel Aviv. Tel Aviv is a modern, vibrant city known for its gorgeous beaches arching along the Mediterranean, its vivacious night life, terrific shopping, thriving street markets, culture and long history. Almost one third of the population of Israel makes their home in beautiful Tel Aviv.

Weekends see the city full of visitors from nearby towns and many visitors to Tel Aviv use the city as a base to explore the surrounding areas such as Caesarea, Galilee, and Jaffa. This is a very inexpensive way to get the best bang for your buck when you are traveling as cheaply as possible. The occupants of Tel Aviv swarm to the gold sandy beaches and everyone enjoys the bustling entertainment found citywide. You can be a part of all of this for very little cash.

Tel Aviv has a diverse culture which can be seen in its Vodka Cafes along Allenby Street or at its Yemenite Quarter. Check out the Tel Aviv Museum of Art that boasts some of the finest modern art including pieces by Dali, Monet, Cezanne and Chagall. The museum has plenty of cultural programming including lectures, dance and music.

Even people on the tightest budgets should set aside some funds to visit Tel Aviv's most popular museums. The Eretz Israel Museum or Land of Israel Museum has a unique construction as it is centered around the ancient mound of the Tel Kasile. This museum has ongoing archaeological excavations and pavilions that display different cultural attributes and various collections. This unusual museum covers over 3000 years of culture, art, and history.

From Tel Aviv you can get to the historical city of Jaffa quite easily by foot. When you're on a budget, you can't beat a deal like this! The city, so rich in history, has been a port since biblical times and it claims to have gotten its name from Japhet, Noah's son. Archaeologists have proof of 4000 years of history including that the Phoenicians and the Egyptians used this ancient port. One very special feature is at night, when the historical city walls are lit up, the illumination reveals a gorgeous architectural backdrop against the blue, blue Mediterranean Sea. All of this, and more, can be yours on a budget. You can travel almost anywhere worldwide cheaply and yet see so much of what these fabulous destinations have to offer.

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