Cheap Flights to St George's, Grenada

Cheap Flights to St George's, Grenada

St. George's, the capital of Grenada is a famous Caribbean tourist destination even among celebrities. What about taking cheap flights to St. George's, Grenada for a peaceful holiday in natural surroundings?

Currently, Maurice Bishop International Airport, previously known as Point Salines International Airport, is the sole international airport in Grenada. It is located approximately five miles from St. George's city. Many major airlines such as Air Canada, British Airways, American Airlines and Virgin Atlantic serve this airport. Booking your flight online is one way to find cheap flights to St. George's, Grenada as due to the use of a ticketless system, airlines can afford to sell online flight tickets at reduced rates and booking your airline ticket online is much faster and hassle-free. If you want to save even more money, book both your flight ticket and accommodations online. Some airlines such as Virgin Atlantic and American Airlines may have partnerships with local hotels, especially in Grenada since it is a very popular tourist spot.

Check the websites of various airlines and compare their offers and prices before choosing the best money saving deal that suits you. Some airlines offer frequent flyer programs and joining these programs is another way to get cheap flights to St. George's, Grenada. Virgin Atlantic has a well-established frequent flyer program with many privileges and benefits. After earning sufficient reward points, you can redeem your points for free seats, reduced pricing of flight tickets or other benefits. In addition, Virgin Atlantic has special offers for its frequent flyer program participants from time to time which may help you to save money on your flight to St. George's, Grenada.

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