Cheap Flights to Singapore (Republic of Singapore)

Cheap Flights to Singapore (Republic of Singapore)

Major Airports Serving Singapore

The Singapore Changi Airport serves as the aviation hub for the entire of Southeast Asia as well as the preferred stopover route for airlines such as Qantas. As such, it hosts 81 airlines flying to 185 cities in 59 countries, which often means that its airport facilities are full of travelers going in and out of the country. Fortunately, the Changi Airport can conveniently accommodate all visitors in considerable comfort. It is consistently rated as one of the best international airports, if not the best in its class, by Skytrax and other travel magazines. This comes as no surprise as included in the world-class facilities of Changi are free showers and internet access as well as local phone calls, free city tours for passengers with time to kill before their next flight, a children's playground and a post office, a 24-hour medical center, and a spa and shopping stores, all contained in squeaky-clean surroundings and tended to by highly-trained staff.

The Singapore Changi Airport consists of five passenger terminals; The Budget Terminal is for budget-conscious passengers flying on low-cost carriers while Terminals 1, 2 and 3 handle most of the passengers and the JetQuay CIP terminal caters to the high-end travelers.

To find cheap flights to Singapore, utilize the power of the internet. There are many travel websites as well as airline sites that allow for price comparisons on fares for desired travel dates. Travelers should always check with the airlines first rather than travel websites since rates may be lower by going directly through them. Another way to save on airfare is by departing from airports in other nearby cities. For example, departing from Brisbane, travelers can save about $100 and $200 if departing from Perth. Check for peak season rates, too, as fares will fluctuate by as much as 30% from regular rates. Award credit programs offered by credit card companies and frequent flyer cards provided by the airlines can help lower the cost of airfare or provide travelers with a free ticket.

Major Airlines in Shenyang

Changi Airport hosts numerous airlines, many of which consider the international airport as its aviation hub. These airlines include Air China and China Airlines, Air France, Bangkok Airways, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Emirates Airline Indonesia AirAsia, Jetstar Airways, KLM, Northwest Airlines, Qantas Airways, and Saudi Arabian Airlines. Singapore is indeed easily accessible from almost all points in the world.

Additional Information about Singapore

Singapore is largely a democratic country however visitors are advised to follow its laws, especially when it comes to public cleanliness and incendiary statements against the various races and religions in the city-state. The Singaporean government exerts firm control over its affairs even when foreign nationals are involved.

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