Cheap Flights to Pittsburgh

Cheap Flights to Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT) is the fourth largest airport in the nation and is located 20 miles west of the heart of the city in the suburb of Findlay. U.S. Airways, first established in PIT in 1939, used to utilize PIT as a hub, and still handles over one third of all passenger airplanes in the airport. Flights can be found primarily to domestic United States locations, but also to Canada, Europe, Mexico, and the Caribbean. PIT has been named in the top five of the world's greatest airports for the past several years and has also received commendations on its ease of use and accommodations to travelers. Many new low cost airlines have taken up residence at PIT making cheap flights to Pittsburgh available to many new travelers. The airport is under construction in order to consolidate terminals and add security areas, but this renovation should be complete in 2010 and allow for greater ease of use of the airport.

The cheapest flights to Pittsburgh can be found in the off-season, generally October through May. Due to Pittsburgh's proximity to many colleges, avoiding traditional holiday breaks, the end of November through the beginning of January and the beginning of the month of April, may offer even better deals. Also, avoid Friday to Monday travel if at all possible as these are generally the peak flight times for business travelers. If Pittsburgh is not your final destination, remember to have your passport ready at the terminal as they are required for entry to Canada and Europe, as well as some Caribbean countries.

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