Visit the Myriad Marvels Of Melbourne, Australia With Cheap Flights

Visit the Myriad Marvels Of Melbourne, Australia With Cheap Flights

Melbourne Airport

This airport serves as the city's main gateway for both domestic and international flights. Several large commercial airlines have hubs at Melbourne Airport. These include Tiger Airways Australia and Jetstar. Several cargo companies also have hubs here. This airport, commonly called Tulla, is the primary airport for Melbourne and is considered to be the second busiest in the entire country. Both Qantas and Virgin Blue fly out of this airport. It is located approximately fifteen miles outside the town center and has been in operation since 1970. Its central location is useful for viewing major attractions in the city. Ground transportation by cab, bus, or private car is plentiful and approachable. Many different airlines fly from Melbourne Airport, which is why it is the most likely base to find cheap flights to Melbourne.

Avalon Airport

This airport is located approximately 35 miles outside Melbourne in the city of Avalon. It is second only to Melbourne Airport in terms of the number of passengers it serves each year. Unusually, the airport has but one runway and is used primarily for passenger service by Sharp Airlines as well as Jetstar Airlines. In fact, the airport is owned by the parent company of Jetstar, Qantas and provides the main maintenance facility for the Jetstar fleet. This airport serves as a secondary hub for Jetstar, making it possible to find inexpensive Jetstar flights in and out of Avalon Airport.

Moorabbin Airport

This airport is rarely used for passenger flights. It is primarily used for light aviation purposes. It is comprised of five runways, several helicopter terminals, an air museum, a control tower, an outlet shopping center and flight training facilities. King Island Airlines, which services King Island, does fly out of this airport.

Essendon Airport

Previously, the main airport of Melbourne prior to the construction of the Melbourne Airport, was Essendon airport. However, it soon lost popularity. It handles passenger traffic as well as some cargo traffic. Currently it is the least busy of the four airports that serve Melbourne. However, it still handles a portion of both the passenger traffic and cargo traffic and has many ground transportation options available.

About Melbourne

Melbourne is a favorite tourist destination for people who travel to Australia. It has long been recognized as the sporting and cultural center of the country. There are multiple annual cultural events as well as unique architecture and several live arts theaters available. Historical sites, art museums and other attractions are available as well. Melbourne is home to the National Sports Museum and is known as the "World's Ultimate Sports City."

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