Cheap Flights to Macau (Macao)

Cheap Flights to Macau (Macao)

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Macau International Airport is the only airport in Macau and it is situated in the center of the bustling city close to all the amenities for tourism and commerce. It is conveniently situated for passengers flying from Mainland China and Taiwan to Macau but as Macau has its own immigration policy, these passengers must to go through immigration and customs checks each time they visit Macau. This airport is equipped to handle aircraft up to a Boeing 747 as well as cargo flights very efficiently. The Macau International Airport is constantly being expanded to accommodate the rapid increase in air traffic that it has to accommodate.

Information on Macau

Macau is a thriving coastal city and is currently rated as one of the wealthiest cities in the world and is situated approximately 60km from Hong Kong. Industries, apart from a thriving tourist industry, include textiles, electronics and toys. Because of their thriving economy Macau has built many large convention centers to host some of Asia's largest trade fairs and conferences. This brings a lot of traffic to Macau International Airport as well as the fact that there are many cheap flights to the city. This bustling city boasts a very rich history and there are many reminders of their ancient past still to be seen. The best time to visit is during the summer months when there are many festivals and fairs held in Macau so make sure you plan your visit to be in time for one of them. During October every year, Macau hosts a musical festival which showcases every type of music and orchestral performances, chamber music, operas and contemporary music can be enjoyed in various venues. Macau also hosts an Art Festival and the Macau Fringe once a year. The highlight of the year is the International Fireworks Display Contest at the end of September which is an event not to be missed. Check the airline websites for cheap flights to Macau so that you do not miss this spectacular event.

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