Cheap Flights to Los Angeles

Cheap Flights to Los Angeles

Major Airports Serving Los Angeles

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is owned by the city of Los Angeles and is the busiest airport in the city. The airport is a major hub for United Airlines and American Airlines. It is also a focus city for airline companies such as American Airlines, Southwest Airlines and Allegiant Air. The airport also offers wireless internet access so passengers can connect their laptops, PDAs and other devices to the internet while waiting for their flights. There are also food and beverage stands and gift shops located in the various terminals around the airport. To get to the airport, scheduled buses are available that provide transportation from various parts of Los Angeles to LAX. One may also take advantage of hotel shuttle services or ride on public transportation. There are several public bus authorities like Culver City Bus Lines, Santa Monica Big Blue Bus and Torrance Transit that serve LAX. The airport does not have direct access to a freeway, and cars have to pass intersections controlled by traffic lights first before reaching a freeway.

LA/Ontario International Airport (ONT) is found in Ontario in San Bernardino County, California. The airport is still owned by the city of Los Angeles and is one of the two international airports in the city. The major airlines serving the airport are Southwest Airlines, United Airlines, Delta Air Lines, US Airways and America Airlines. Food and beverage stands crowd terminals 2 and 4 of the airport. LA/Ontario International Airport also has some noise restrictions. Although it operates around the clock, takeoffs and landings from 10pm to 7am must be done at the very ends of the runway. The airport may be accessed from the San Bernardino Freeway, Ontario Freeway and the Pomona Freeway.

Van Nuys Airport (VNY) is still owned by the city of Los Angeles. It does not serve commercial airports; it is only accessible to private, chartered and small commercial flights. Most passengers who take off or land in the airport are celebrities, politicians and business executives. Passengers bound for the Los Angeles International Airport may also want to take a ride on the FlyAway Bus service, based in the airport, which has a nonstop shuttle service from VNY to LAX.

More Information on Los Angeles

Los Angeles has been known as a home for famous people like celebrities, actors and actresses and sports superstars. It is home to Hollywood and the famous Beverly Hills, making it the Entertainment Capital of the World. It is also home to a various range of professions in business, culture and the arts, and thus it is one of the United States' most substantial economic engines.

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