Cheap Flights to Lahore (Garden of Mughals)

Cheap Flights to Lahore (Garden of Mughals)

Carriers and Routes

The airport acts as a hub for the nation's three premier carriers including PIA, Jet Blue and Shaheen Airlines. Currently, negotiations are underway to allow private jets and other light aircrafts to use the unoccupied space but as of now, there are more than 20 major airlines that operate from the airport.

Aero Asia is among the leading low cost carriers with frequent flights to Karachi and Middle East. Due to a high demand for direct international routes, the airport authorities have managed to sign deals with several prominent carriers for non-stop flights to important destinations around the world. These include Glasgow, London, Paris, Tokyo, Bangkok, Hong Kong and Frankfurt. Flights to most other long haul routes are operated via Karachi airport.

There are various charter airlines including the new Royal Airlines which is the only airline operating routes to the developing ports of Gwadar and Pasni. Lahore has the distinction of acting as a hub to two international charter airlines including Euro Atlantic Airways of Portugal and Sky Gate International Aviation of Jordan. More airlines are eager to sign contracts with Lahore airport and increase their flight frequency.

Airport Facilities

The rapid expansion of Lahore and its status as the cultural capital of Pakistan has prompted Hyatt hotels to built one of the most luxurious hotels in Pakistan, the Hyatt Regency, just 3 kilometers away on the outskirts of the airport. International visitors will definitely welcome the addition of such a hotel due to the relative superior security around the Hyatt area and its location away from the busy and chaotic streets of the city center.

Despite the fact that Lahore airport has enough space to cater to the demands of additional air traffic, the government of Pakistan is planning to further expand the facilities due to the increasing popularity of Lahore among foreign visitors. Lahore is only few hours away from the Capital city Islamabad which is easily accessible through international standard motorways and recently launched first class bus and rail services.


The airport has lots of duty free shops and offers world class facilities to international and domestic visitors. It is highly recommended that travelers use only the designated taxi stands and licensed tour operators to assist them in planning their tours. Such travel agencies and transportation services are not only economical but also safe and well organized. For amore refined touch, try the CIP lounge which provides snacks, entertainment, business facilities and internet access.

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