Cheap Flights to Jaipur

Cheap Flights to Jaipur

Jaipur is the capital for the state of Rajasthan situated in the north of India and has been ranked as the 7th best place to visit in the whole of Asia according to one of the latest international surveys. With a rich historical background of ruling Maharajahs (Indian Kings), this city has beautiful pink buildings, architecture and palaces. You can even stay at one of these palaces which have been converted into hotels. Many traditional industries like handmade handicrafts using marble, brass or enamel can still be found in the city of Jaipur.

Jaipur International Airport is located approximately 13 km from the city of Jaipur and since it is situated in the town of Sanganer, another name for this airport is Sanganer Airport. It was given the status as an international airport a few years ago with the intention of boosting tourism and currently, there are more domestic flights to this airport rather than international flights since international flights are more sporadic in nature. Nevertheless, there are plans to expand this airport to cater to an increase in passenger traffic. For the present, international airlines such as Air Arabia, Air India Express, Indian Airlines and Oman Air are operating from this airport along with domestic airlines including Air India Express, Kingfisher Airlines, Indian Airlines and Jet Airways. To enjoy cheap flights to Jaipur, you have two choices depending on what suits you. The first choice is to take flights on regular airlines such as Indian Airlines and Oman Air. These airlines, especially Oman Air, charge lower fares compared to other regular airlines. For the second choice you can take low cost carriers such as Air India Express and Air Arabia. Of course, the second choice is much cheaper but it may not be as comfortable as flying the regular airlines. Another alternative would be to fly to New Delhi and take a domestic flight by Kingfisher Airlines or Jet Airways.

There are many international low cost and regular airlines that fly to New Delhi giving you many options of international airlines to choose from if you do not like any of the aforementioned international airlines that fly direct to Jaipur. To save money, book your tickets online which is much faster, easier and cheaper or you might even save more money if you were to book both your hotel and flight online. Indian based airlines like Air India Express and Indian Airlines have partnerships with hotels in India and booking your flight and your hotel together may end up saving you more money than you originally thought. Another way to get cheap flights to Jaipur would be to buy the flight tickets during the tourism promotional period for India during which airlines such as Air India Express and Indian Airlines may offer better rates. Check the prices of air fares or hotel package deals on the relevant websites of the airlines to get the best deal that satisfies you. With such cheap flights to Jaipur, do not miss the opportunity to visit Jaipur, the Pink City.

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