Cheap flights to Huntsville

Cheap flights to Huntsville

Cheap flights to Huntsville are very easy to find. Serviced by the major airlines, the Huntsville International Airport possesses state of the art technology and outstanding customer amenities and Continental, United, Delta, Northwest and American Airlines all offer cheap flights to Huntsville International Airport and, recently announced, United Airlines is adding several new daily non-stop cheap flights from Huntsville to Chicago starting in September of 2009. Delta and United Airlines appear to have the most numbers of cheap flights to Huntsville so book your cheap flight to Huntsville today.

Huntsville, Alabama is home to the largest space museum in the world. The city of Huntsville has an interesting history with humble beginnings of a lone log cabin, the town was originally named Twickenham. At some point, the War of 1812 brought a new name to the town as it was then renamed in honor of its first settler, John Hunt. Huntsville is situated along the Tennessee River and is home to Redstone Arsenal and NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center.

Grassy meadows, elaborate floral collections and winding woodland paths comprise the Huntsville Botanical Garden and the Butterfly House is a must-see and kids love the little Garden Train. Burritt on the Mountain is a 'Living Museum' located in a 1930s mansion built in the shape of an 'X'. Open all year round, this museum boasts a panoramic view of the Tennessee River and Valley alike. The notable and charming Twickenham Historic District's Old Town Center has old world architectural charm and small town warmth with an abundance of 19th century old Victorian homes. Visit the old world charm of the south and reserve your cheap flight to Huntsville today.

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