Cheap Flights to Guangzhou (Canton) — is it Possible?

Cheap Flights to Guangzhou (Canton) — is it Possible?

Major Airport

The Guangzhou International Airport is a large airport in China, located some 30 kilometers from the main city. A wide space is provided for passengers to relax while waiting for their flights and the central building of the airport is possibly the biggest indoor hall in all of Asia. The two parallel wings of the airport, Wing A and Wing B are bigger than many airports in the world and contain shops where travelers can opt to spend their money as well.

More Information

Guangzhou has preserved its culture and ancient customs and is a city full of vigor and home to the most recent fashion. Hotels and other accommodations in Guangzhou are excellent and when visiting the city during the Canton Fair, make sure that you have booked hotel reservations for a more convenient trip. Travel to Guangzhou can be made by plane, bus, ship or train however the most convenient and recommended travel is by plane.

When in Guangzhou, you should avoid public displays of affection. Bowing your head while pressing your hands together is a way of showing deep gratitude. This is done by most Chinese people and they appreciate people who do the same.

Major Airline

Guangzhou has international airlines that are state owned such as Air China. The Guangzhou International Airport is also a hub to a number of other airlines from other countries that carry passengers from all around the world. Some of the major international destinations include Singapore, Thailand, France and other European countries. The major airline carriers that provide international flights to the boundaries of Guangzhou include Korean Air, All Nippon Airways, Kenya Airways, Egyptair, Air France and Singapore Airlines.

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