Cheap Flights to Frankfurt, Germany

Cheap Flights to Frankfurt, Germany

Airports Serving Frankfurt, Germany

Frankfurt-am-Main Airport (FRA) is an international airport located a little over seven miles southwest of downtown. It serves more international destinations than any other airport in the world. Expansion is adding a fourth runway and a third terminal, with completion expected in 2010. Lufthansa is based here and actually has a separate terminal to cater to its first class passengers. Both a regional and long distance train station are available for ground transport, as are rental cars and taxis. A clean, extremely modern airport, the atmosphere is one of very well-controlled chaos.

Frankfurt-Hahn Airport (HHN) is not considered a really viable option if your final destination is Frankfurt. Despite its name, this airport is 75 miles, by road, west of the city. However, if you are bound for someplace west of Frankfurt, you may want to consider flying here. Ryanair and Wizz Air, both low-cost airlines, have limited service here and may present an opportunity for inexpensive air fares. There is no rail station here, though a number of private bus operators have regular service to many cities in western Germany. Rental cars are also available, though the route out of Frankfurt-Hahn to the nearest Autobahn will be a scenic one.

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