Basic Know-How's on Cheap Flights to Dubai

Basic Know-How's on Cheap Flights to Dubai

Major Airports Serving Dubai

Dubai International Airport is the main airport serving Dubai and other cities of the United Arab Emirates. This airport is a major hub for the Middle East and most international and domestic flights to Dubai fly through this airport which is responsible for almost one third of the total international flights in the United Aram Emirates.

Additional Information about Dubai

As one of the seven emirates of the UAE and the largest city of the country, Dubai welcomes millions of tourists every year. Located along the southern coast of the Persian Gulf, Dubai takes pride in its beautiful beaches, opulent city hotels, and beautiful beach resorts. It offers world-class cuisines and shopping destinations that are visited by many travel enthusiasts every year is known as a famous desert city with excellent infrastructures, tourist facilities and historical attractions.

The best time to visit the city is when the weather is coolest. Dubai can have scorching heat in the summer which is why tourists flock the city from November to April as it may be uncomfortable to tour the city during the other months of the year, especially for westerners who are used to cold climates.

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