Cheap Flights to Davao

Cheap Flights to Davao

Major Airport

At present, there is only one airport that serves Davao City and its surrounding areas although it serves its function in an excellent fashion. The Davao International Airport, also known as the Francisco Bangoy International Airport, is the sole international airport with domestic and international flights in and out of the city. Aircrafts able to land on the single precision runway with capacity of 8-10 landings per hour include the Airbus A330, A340 and A380 as well as the Boeing 747.

The main terminal building of the Davao International Airport is on par with world standards. With its computerized systems in navigation, security, baggage and handling, it is poised to accommodate numerous passengers and cargoes. There are four jet bridges, three for domestic flights and one for international flights, which facilitate faster and safer embarking and disembarking of passengers. Passengers are also accommodated at the 14 international and domestic counters in the main terminal building. Other amenities include toilets and telephones as well as the two airport lounges of Philippine Airlines.

To find cheap flights to Davao especially when are arriving from a foreign country, travelers are advised to check with internet travel sites than with travel agents and the airlines themselves. Booking online can save on airline ticketing fees, not to mention on travel time going to the agents’ offices. Travelers should be sure to print out their reservation and receipt before leaving the website. Booking seats in advance may provide travelers with larger discounts the further ahead they book however make sure to take note of peak periods when prices can significantly differ from off periods. Comparing prices for direct flights and for flights with stopovers in other major cities such as Manila may offer lower fares but will also add to the travel time.

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Davao City, with its pristine beaches, is rich with historical and natural tourist attractions. Medical care establishments, educational institutions and shopping malls abound in the city such that it combines the feel of a big city with the charm of a small town. Most importantly, residents and guests are expected to adhere to its laws.

Major Airlines

Many airlines offer flights into and out of Davao. For domestic routes, there are Air Philippines (once daily to Cebu), Cebu Pacific (at least three flights daily to various cities like Cagayan de Oro and Manila), Philippine Airlines (seven flights to Manila on a daily basis), PAL Express (one flight to Zamboanga daily) and Zest Airways (two flights daily for Manila). For the international market, SilkAir offers four flights to Singapore on a weekly basis while Wings Air Charter caters to the Manado-bound clientele.

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