Cheap Flights to Colombo

Cheap Flights to Colombo

Major Airport

Currently, Bandaranaike International Airport (airport code BIA), also called Katunayake International Airport, is the only international airport in all of Sri Lanka. To support this airport, construction is being carried out to build another international airport called Weerawila International Airport further south from Colombo. Bandaranaike International Airport, named after one of its previous Prime Ministers, is located in Katunayake approximately 35km from Colombo towards the north. Sri Lankan Airlines is the national carrier for Sri Lanka with its main hub located in Bandaranaike International Airport.

To enjoy cheap flights to Colombo, you can choose a number of options. The regular airlines with low fares which serve Bandaranaike International Airport are Emirates, Qatar Airways and Sri Lankan Airlines. There are also a number of low cost airlines such as Air India Express, Jet Airways and Kingfisher Airlines. Effective mid-August 2009, Air Asia will be joining this group of low cost carriers.

It is a good idea to book your flights online as online flight tickets are cheaper whether they are for regular or low cost airlines especially during promotional periods. Since the Sri Lankan war has been declared over, the Sri Lankan government would most probably try to promote tourism by offering special discount packages and so forth to fly into Colombo so take this opportunity to check the relevant websites for discounts and any special privileges. For hotel accommodation, it is better to make prior bookings to ensure that you have a proper place to sleep after you land in Colombo rather than take the risk of not having anywhere to stay. Some airlines such as Air Asia have partnerships with hotels and would be able to give a special discount if you book your air flight ticket with them giving you a cheap flight to Colombo with the bonus of reasonably priced accommodations. You save money, time and energy not counting the lack of hassle and will be able to have a peaceful and wonderful holiday in Colombo.

More Information

Who has not have heard of Colombo by now? Due to the end of a two decades long war and other pertinent issues in Sri Lanka, Colombo is a well-known name all over the world. Colombo, the largest city in Sri Lanka, is vibrant and captivating with a unique mixture of modern and colonial architecture (Portuguese, Dutch and British). With the Galle seafront, exotic local cuisine, lovely temples, museums and Pettah bazaar, Colombo is definitely worth a visit. An array of goods from vegetables to gemstones are sold at the numerous shops and stalls located at the Pettah Bazaar where you can buy genuine gemstones at reasonable rates as Sri Lanka is world famous for its gemstones. Take a cheap flight to Colombo and buy your lucky gemstones if you want!

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