Cheap Flights to Chattanooga

Cheap Flights to Chattanooga

Cheap Flights to Chattanooga

If you are looking for cheap flights to Chattanooga then you'll want to look into Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport, CHA, also known as Lovell Field. Although not a very large airport, CHA has connecting flights to ten major cities including Atlanta, Charlotte, Chicago, Cincinnati, Dallas, Ft. Lauderdale, Memphis, Orlando, Washington D.C., and Tampa. Non-stop service is available for those who wish to fly directly from Chattanooga. Because it is such a small airport in comparison to others around it, it does not see a very large amount traffic volume each year.

U.S. Airways is the airline to look to for cheap flights to Chattanooga because they recently announced a reduction in fares. This is one of the smaller airports in the country because it only has one runway. If for any reason flights in Atlanta are disturbed, Chattanooga is among the first to receive the diverted flights.

There has been talk of installing a high speed rail line that would connect the Chattanooga Airport to the MARTA in Atlanta so that the Chattanooga airport can serve as second airport to the Atlanta area and take some pressure away from them.

Major Airports/Airlines Serving Chattanooga

Airlines serving the Chattanooga airport include Allegiant Air, American Eagle, Delta Connection Carriers, Northwest Airlink, and US Airways Express. A flight to or from Atlanta from Chattanooga is less than 20 minutes from wheels up to wheels down, so many people also use the Atlanta airport, or Hartsfield International, to service this area as well.

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