Cheap Flights to Charlotte

Cheap Flights to Charlotte

Cheap Flights to Charlotte

The Charlotte/Douglas International Airport, CLT, serves the Charlotte, North Carolina area and with five concourses is used for both civil and military travel. The Charlotte Airport serves as the main hub for US Airways, so this is the airline that will offer the best deals for cheap flights to Charlotte. As of 2008, this airport saw the 14th largest traffic volume in the United States, and the 26th largest traffic volume in the world.

Several non-stop flights are offered from the Charlotte Airport including Asheville, NC, Atlanta, GA, Bermuda, Boston, Cancun, Chattanooga, TN, Cincinnati, OH, Denver, CO, Detroit, MI and several others for a total of 135 destinations, both direct and connecting, all over the world.

In addition to their commercial services for civilians, the Douglas International Airport houses the Charlotte Air National Guard Base which is located on the eastern side of the airport and provides firefighting and aircraft rescue stations for the facility.

For those local to the area, the city bus provides transportation to and from the airport, picking up and dropping off in front of concourse D.

The Charlotte Airport has received a lot of media attention over the years, due to events such as a man who stripped naked, attempted to speak on the loudspeaker, and ran past an agent to board a plane; a man who made it past security, had all flights grounded but was never found; and the recent US Airways Hudson River landing due to the flight originally needing to connect there.

Major Airports/Airlines Serving Charlotte

The Douglas International Airport is the only airport that directly services the Charlotte area. Commercial Airlines servicing this airport include Air Canada, AirTran Airways, American Airlines, Continental Airlines, Delta Airlines, Jet Blue Airlines, Lufthansa, Northwest Airlines, United Airlines, US Airways, and US Airways Express.

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