Finding Cheap Flights to Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Finding Cheap Flights to Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Browsing the internet will help you to find cheap flights to Cedar Rapids, Iowa, home of many businesses and industrial companies and a popular destination for business travelers. Vacationers too can take advantage of the many art venues including the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art. Numerous airlines around North America and Europe operate direct and indirect routes to the city and there are regular special deals on offer from US cities. United Airlines flies from Chicago, Orlando and Denver while Northwest Airlines flies from Detroit, Minneapolis, Chicago, and Atlanta. Delta Airlines flies from Cincinnati and Atlanta and also from Santiago in Chile while Air Canada flies from Caracas in Venezuela. It's also possible to book cheap flights to Cedar Rapids from UK airports including London Heathrow and Manchester (British Airways, Delta Airlines and KLM), Birmingham (KLM), and Glasgow (British Airways and KLM). Spanish airports also operate flights into Cedar Rapids, including the capital city, Madrid (British Airways), Barcelona (Delta Airlines), Bilbao (United Airlines), and Seville (Delta Airlines). Lufthansa also flies from neighboring Portugal from the airport serving Porto. Many passengers save money by booking hotel and airfare package deals and many well-known hotels participate in package deals. There are also discount hotels to choose from.

Eastern Iowa Airport, previously known as Cedar Rapids Airport, is a regional airport that links with other regional airports and airports operating international flights. The airport is conveniently situated just over 3 kilometers west of Interstate 380 and hosts several airlines including American Airlines, Northwest Airlines, Delta Airlines, and United Airlines.

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