Tips to Getting Affordable Flights to Beijing (Peking)

Tips to Getting Affordable Flights to Beijing (Peking)

Travel Tips

You should file for a visa in your home country and most visas are good for two months, but they can be extended for another month. If a tourist chooses to stay for more than the designated three months, he should leave China, file for another visa in his home country and then return when everything is settled.

When traveling in Beijing you should keep in mind that once you check into any hotel you will be asked to show your passport or otherwise fill out a temporary residence form. International travelers are only allowed to stay in hotels that have three-star or above ratings as they are quite strict with tourists for security reasons. If you have relatives to stay with, you should register with the Security Bureau so they know how to contact you in case of emergencies.

Another tip for international travelers is that you are allowed to bring with you valuable items such as portable cameras, tape recorders, video cameras and laptops but if you bring other things or personal belongings exceeding this list, you will be asked to declare all accurate details of your belongings to the Customs.

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Beijing, the capital of China, has come such a long way from the uncivilized, dusty and lagging town it once was to a modern city that rises with tall buildings and business establishments. The commerce and economy of Beijing has improved significantly and shopping malls, restaurants and other interesting places have been built and improved. The 2008 Beijing Olympics was a manifestation that China has slowly regained its power.

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