Cheap Flights to Baton Rouge

Cheap Flights to Baton Rouge

If you are looking for cheap flights to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, in order to partake in many of the festivities and events such as Mardi Gras, you will find many options to suit your needs. With architectural attractions, museums and the Baton Rouge Zoo, visitors to this area can explore all of the vast cultural and economic features that Baton Rouge offers. There is a significant military presence in Baton Rouge with the Army National Guard 769th Engineer Battalion that continues to deploy units to this day.

The Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport is the public airport that serves the area of Baton Rouge and is located in the central business district. Although the Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport is relatively small in comparison to other neighboring airports, cheap flights to Baton Rouge are still readily available from a number of popular airlines serviced there, including Delta Air Lines, Northwest Airlines, Continental Airlines and American Airlines.

With many services for travelers to Baton Rouge, the public airport includes cable television, arcades, a child play area, massage chairs and even a non-denominational chapel. Nursing rooms, gift shops, restaurants and reading rooms are just extra advantages to traveling in Baton Rouge. Wheelchair services, wireless internet, Smart Carts, Sky Caps and shuttles are all part of the total customer service package when traveling to the Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport. Cheap flights to Baton Rouge will give visitors a chance to experience the landscaped terminal that houses a 3-story atrium with a view of the airfield.

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