Cheap Flights to Anchorage, Alaska (Municipality of Anchorage)

Cheap Flights to Anchorage, Alaska (Municipality of Anchorage)

Anchorage is usually the first stop for tourists in the state of Alaska and therefore cheap flights to Anchorage, Alaska are heavily in demand. There are many reasons why Alaska is a popular destination for a vacation as the wildlife, fishing opportunities, and ski areas are a part of its appeal. Special deals for flights are available, particularly from Alaska Airlines and their scheduled flights include the cities of Portland and Los Angeles in the USA and Vancouver in Canada. Passengers are advised to fly mid-week to all destinations and to avoid the busy holiday periods and Monday's business travel. Direct cheap flights to Anchorage, Alaska can be obtained but some passengers prefer to book a cheaper ticket to one of the gateway cities and then continue on with their journey. Round trip flights to and from Anchorage include Bangkok, Tokyo, London, Paris, Frankfurt, and Sydney. Once passengers arrive at the airport, they can rent a car at one of the rental outlets there or they can travel by bus. The Municipality of Anchorage People Mover Bus routes link up with the light rail network and are very popular and the buses operate between downtown and various airport stops. Many of the city's hotels and motels provide free airport pickup service for guests.

The Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport located 10 kilometers south of downtown Anchorage is the state's major airport and is served by Alaska Airlines, which is based in Seattle. It is an extremely busy hub for both passengers and cargo. Other international airlines to use the airport include Air Canada, American Airlines, and Frontier Airlines.

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