Up to this day there is confusion as to where the South Pacific is. But one thing's certain - it runs alongside the Pacific Ocean. That's why it is home to white beaches and vast coral reefs.

There is a strong British influence on countries like Australia and New Zealand. The Great Barrier Reef in Queensland, Australia is the biggest and the most diverse in the world. It also a great site for diving. There are day trips to the reef along the Queensland Coast. These trips start from the mainland towns going from north to south. If you want to take a private trip, then can hire a yacht or charter a plane. The sea going to the reef could be rough sometimes. But on the way you will be able to see smaller islands. Reef tours can be arranged online or at the resorts near the site.

For a piece of France in the South Pacific, you can go to New Caledonia. It is made up of the mainland (Grand Terre) and a chain of islands. Since much of the smaller beaches remain unexplored, there's so much in store to be discovered. Noumea is a popular port of call for tourists but sailing is not encouraged during the cyclone season. There are cars for rent especially since buses may be a bit rare on late afternoons. There's a bus station at the Baie des Citrons to downtown Noumea. Taxi cabs don't pick up passengers in this area. You have to make a call for one. This makes the bus a better option because travel time is shorter than taking a taxi.

Local culture is alive in the music and art of the indigenous people on the islands. The South Pacific is a beautiful blend of the east and west.