Dushanbe International Airport is the main gateway to Tajikistan. A number of smaller airports can be found in strategic parts of the country. But they are mainly used for military purposes. Some of these are Oktyabrsky Airport, Khorog Airport, and Garm.

Although Dushanbe International Airport (DIA) was completed in November 1929, it was only in the 60's that the present terminal and runway opened. Major rebuilding took place again in 1996 to reach international standards. By then it could accommodate various aircraft types: TU-154, YAK-40, helicopters and many others. It can also handle high-power aircrafts such as AN-124, IL-76 and Western aircrafts.

So much has changed: DIA can now process more than 200 passengers in an hour. A new terminal is in the works that can hold a capacity of 500 passengers an hour. What DIA lacks in amenities, it makes up for in service. The terminal has a modern communication and special transport system that do not sell passengers short. Moreover, DIA links flights to other local airports: Khorog, Vanch, Rushan, Khovaling, Garm, Ishkashim, Murgab, Djirgital, Tadjikabad, Tavildara, and Sagirdasht. Meanwhile, Farkhor Air Base is an Indian military airbase. This is a strategic location for Indian military to oversee peace projects in Afghanistan, and Central Asia.

Tajikistan is a former republic of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. After five years of internal strife, the country is now in relative peace. Dushanbe is the capital city. Tajikistan is divided into four administrative regions: Sughd, Khatlon, Gorno-Badakshan, and the Republican Subordination.