Colombo, the capital city of Sri Lanka, has two major airports: Bandaranaike International Airport and Weerawila International Airport.

Bendaranaike International Airport is presently Sri Lanka's only international airport. Situated approximately 35 kilometers north of Colombo, the airport started as a Royal Airport Base during World War II and was handed back to the Royal Ceylon Air Force in 1957. The facility was not completed, however, until 1967, and it was at this point that the national carrier first flew. BIA was a Trans World Airline (TWA) hub for a while. Throughout BIA's history it has been renamed several times and has been operating under its present name since 1994. BIA handles 24 international carriers, with the majority of the airlines flying Gulf States, Central Asia, and South East Asian routes. The lone European carrier is Austrian Airlines, which flies directly to Vienna. BIA offers all the amenities of a large international airport despite its small size, including three airport hotels, duty free shops, ATMs, and VIP lounge. Presently the airport's runway is being rebuilt. A second runway is to be built to support the old one and to make way for Airbus 380, and $125 million dollars has been earmarked for the first phase of the construction.

Weerawila Airport is halfway through completion. When it is completed in late 2009 it will be the second largest international airport in the country. The airport is a special project by the Sri Lankan government and the Civil Aviation Aviation Authority.

Originally known as Ceylon, Sri Lanka it is an island country in South Asia just off the Indian sub-continent. The country is known as an exporter of tea, coffee, coconuts and rubber.