A specific hierarchy of airports is stipulated under the law in Japan. The first class airports in Japan are: Tokyo International Airport (Narita), Kansai International Airport, and Osaka International Airport.

Tokyo International Airport is about 60 km from the city. Although it is called Tokyo International Airport, it is not located in Tokyo per se. The facility, the busiest airport in Asia and the 8th in the world, is actually located in Chiba. Covering 1,125 hectares, the airport handles around 91,616 passengers in a day and handles 63 million passengers yearly.

Presently, there are 72 carriers that operate in the airport. These carriers connect with 95 cities in 36 countries. A bigger terminal is under construction and is set to be completed in March 2010.

Meanwhile, Kansai International Airport is 50 km from Osaka city. It can be reached by road, railway, or ferry. The facility is on a man-made island and started operations in 1994. It has only on terminal, designed by Renzo Piano, a famous Italian architect. The airport's terminal is said to be the longest in the world, extending for more than a mile. Arrivals are received on the 1st floor, while departures are on the 4th floor. There are a number of convenience points in the terminal: ATMs, a post office, and foreign exchange.

Japan consists of 47 prefectures extending along the Pacific coast. Nearly 80% of the country is forested and mountainous. Japan is considered the 2nd largest economy in the world after the United States, but is now in recession.