China is advancing so fast it builds ten Manhattans everyday. This is largely due to the country's opening ties with the Western world. There are excellent airports across the mainland and in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) is less than five hours from half of the world. It is the fourth busiest passenger airport in the world and it also has the busiest international cargo facility in the world. HKIA served 48.6 million passengers in 2008. An average of 750 planes fly in and out of Hong Kong every day, linking flights to 40 cities on the Chinese Mainland. HKIA added a new terminal in 2007.

Beijing International Capital Airport has direct flights to every major city around the world. It got upgraded in time for the Olympics. As a result, three terminals have been added to the airport, with terminal 3 being the biggest. It was designed by Sir Norman Foster of the Hong Kong International Airport fame. Beijing International Capital Airport is 20 km northeast of Beijing.

China is considered as the 4th largest country in the world. Its climate is also varied - from sub-arctic Manchuria in the northeast and the tropical Hainan area in the south. The return of former colonies Hong Kong and Macau has brought forth the "one country, two systems" policy to retain the regions' commercial and tourist character despite its reversion to China. The diversity and immensity of China forced the government to create administrative divisions to oversee China. There are 22 provinces in China that are headed by a secretary of the provincial committee. There are 5 autonomous regions in China. Each region has the power to elect its governor.