Based in Valencia, Spain, Air Nostrum or the Iberia Regional, is an airline service that operates 91 international and domestic routes and which provides 51 destinations. The main hubs of the airline are the Valencia Airport, the Barcelona Airport, and the Barajas Airport. Air Nostrum also provides charter flights. The IATA code is YW, the ICAO code is ANS and the Callsign is Nostrum Air.

Flying Route

Air Nostrum has destinations in many countries around the world, such as in Belgium, France, Germany, Portugal, and Spain. The airline network is supported by up to 51 different airports in Europe and the Caribbean. Among the major cities that Air Nostrum has destinations in are Brussels, Milan, and Valencia.


Online booking for Air Nostrum is available at the website listed above. The online check-in service offered will help the passenger reserve tickets for flight, but can also help in other types of services, such as hotel and automobile reservation. For online check-in, the reservation can be made as late as two hours before the time of departure, subject to the availability of seats available. Once the reservations have been made online, the baggage can be brought directly to the baggage counter for inspection. The check-in time limit is indicated on the boarding pass that is given to the passengers.


Rules on checked baggage depend on the destination area, the ticket class, as well as the type of item being carried. In general, the maximum checked baggage allowed for regional travel is 23 kg/50 lbs for economy class passengers, while business class passengers may bring up to 30 kg/66 lbs of excess baggage. For long haul flights, economy passengers are allowed two items weighing 23 kg/50 lbs while for business class passengers, three items weighing 23 kg/50 lbs is allowed. Excess baggage vouchers may be purchased at discount online, or fines may be paid, depending on the destination or the number of pieces brought.

Traveling Infants

The total ticket price for infants, classified as children below two years of age, is only ten percent of the actual fare. However, if the infant will occupy a seat, the discount that will apply shall be moved to 50 percent. Conveniences such as sky cots for the infant are also provided by Air Nostrum. To reserve these, the reservations should be made directly with the office or through telephone. Special diets for the children can also be arranged. In general, the airline should be notified by the parent in advance if the passenger is to bring infants.


Other discounts are available for minors, who are classified as aged between five and 11. They may travel with an adult, such as a parent or a guardian with the parent's consent. For those travelling unaccompanied, certification as well as advanced booking is required. These bookings are not available on the internet, however. Youth, or those aged between 12 and 18, may also travel alone but are charged a fee of 50 EUR for the escort services that will be provided. Again, advance booking is essential for these types of travelers. Authorization papers and national IDs must be presented by minors.


Common domestic animals such as dogs, cats, and birds may be brought into the cabin, but with charges similar to excess baggage. In general, the animals must come in labeled cages not exceeding 105 cm/41" in dimensions and must not weigh more than 8 kg/17 lbs. Authorization to bring along pets must be acquired from the airline, and the passenger is responsible for the animal during the flight. The animal may not be allowed to leave the cage, and the cage must be well ventilated and leak proof. The owner should ensure that the pet does not disturb others during flight.

Frequent Flyer Program

Air Nostrum rewards the passengers' trust in the airline. For frequent flyers, the program is called the Iberian plus, where members choose different card types that are used to gather points for perks such as free air trips, flight upgrades, automatic bookings, full travel insurance and many other exclusive benefits.

In Flight Services

Special meals are provided, such as children's or vegetarian meals. Flight meals are also offered, and a bar is open for passengers to enjoy themselves.

Airline Magazines

Among the airline magazines that are offered is the Aladierno Magazine for passenger's reading entertainment.

Airlines Alliances

Air Nostrum is affiliated with One World Alliance, one of the three largest airline alliances.

Contact Information

For Air Nostrum flight reservations, visit the airline's website at www.airnostrum.es. For other inquiries about Air Nostrum and its services, the airline may also be reached through telephone at +34-96-1960200, or through mail at the Air Nostrum Central Office at Comarques del Paris Avenue, 46930 Quart de Poblet, Valencia, Spain.

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