TUIfly is an emerging low cost airline carrier. It is the third largest German airline after Lufthansa and Air Berlin. Recently, the airline announced a 20% stake in Air Berlin that will extend the airline's offering to more destinations. Due to legalities, it uses both X3 and HF codes to represent it but normally passengers will see X3 adjacent to the flight information on airports. For administrative purposes, the IATA code is X3, the ICAO code is HLX and the Callsigns are Yellow Cab and Hapag.

Flying Route

The airline has its operational hubs at Cologne and Hanover. It flies to several destinations in Europe as well as popular tourist attractions in Northern Africa and Asia. Algeria, Egypt, Cape Verde, Morocco and Tunisia are its principal stops in Africa. It also serves Israel and Cyprus in the Middle East, while more than ten countries in Europe are on its regular flight schedule.


TUIfly offers on-line check-in so that the travelers do not have to wait in line. Once the online check-in is completed, a boarding pass can be printed from any home or office computer. This boarding pass should be kept in a safe location as the printed bar code can provide access to private information. Through its online portal, TUIfly also offers additional facilities to check baggage, change flights, select a seat and a variety of other options.


Passengers can carry a hand bag not exceeding 5 kg/11 lbs in weight. They are also allowed to take two pieces of luggage free of cost, provided that the weight of any one bag is limited to 20 kg/44 lbs. For larger groups, passengers can actually take a bag that weighs up to 30 kg/66 lbs, but the total combined weight of the baggage should not exceed 40 kg/88 lbs. Sometimes, the airline allows groups to be exempt from the weight ruling of 20 kg/44 lbs per bag. Still, large groups should consult with their travel agent or call the nearby TUIfly booking office. Passengers that are planning to take excess baggage should get a savings voucher that can save them significantly on baggage fees. For sports enthusiasts, TUIfly provides flexible options. They can carry a sports bag up to 30 kg/66 lbs free of charge.

Traveling Infants

As a general rule, TUIfly allows infants that are less than two years old to sit on the lap of their parents. Infants only pay a small administration fee of US$20 per segment. Bassinets are available in all TUIfly flights on the first passenger rows. Parents are advised to call the booking office to reserve a front row seat so that they may use this feature. Due to the safety of passengers, only 10% of the total number of passengers is allowed to carry infants. The airline has specified certain child restraint seats for parents. Models and type of child restraint seats can be viewed at the website or calling an authorized agent. |


All minors between the ages of two and six are charged half the price of an adult tickets whereas any child over six years will have to pay the full price. The airline does not allow any unaccompanied minor that is under 12 years old. Parents are required to seek the escort service that costs anywhere from US$40 to US$50, depending on the route. A child who is aged between 12 to 16 years and is unaccompanied should have a written consent by a parent or legal guardian. For flights to and from Portugal, these consent documents must be notarized.


TUIfly has friendly pet policies. Anyone can carry his animals and pets in a secured container inside the cabin, provided that the animal doesn't exceed 5 kg/11 lbs in weight and is comfortable inside the carriage. Animals that are larger in size must travel in specially made cargo holds. There is a fee for carrying animals that may range from US$40 to US$50 depending on the weight of the pet and the flight route. Guide and emergency dogs are exempt from all these rules and may travel without containers. Due to statuary rules, the airline is unable to carry animals on flights inside the UK.

Frequent Flyer Program

Blue Miles is the customer loyalty program that entitles customers to acquire 1,000, 2,000 or 3,000 miles depending on the length of the flight. Once a customer reaches 10,000 points, he is automatically mailed his plastic membership card. For those customers who fly more frequently, once they reach 40,000 miles in one calendar year, they are upgraded to Blue Miles Gold membership which carries additional incentives.

In Flight Services

In-flight service includes drinks and snacks for sale. For longer flights, the airline provides customary fresh meals. Passengers can also pre-order smile snacks. While on board, there are also various newspapers and magazines to explore.

Airline Magazines

The TUI magazine and TV magazine contain all the vital information on the flight entertainment channels as well as other general articles of interest.

Airlines Alliances

TUIfly and Air Berlin have just announced a strategic partnership that has allowed both companies to take advantage of flight routes and assets of each airline. During bookings, don't be surprised if you are provided an option to fly Air Berlin.

Contact Information

The airline has local reservation and flight inquiry numbers for 14 countries in Europe. In Germany, customers can contact the reservation office by dialing 01805 757510. International visitors should dial 00 49 511 2200 4713 or send an email from its official website at www.tuifly.com. For those enrolled in frequent flyer program, they can call a designated bluemiles telephone number at 0049 (0) 1805 45 22 45.

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