CityJet, Ltd. (AFR) is a subsidiary of Air France, operating across Europe from its base in Dublin, Ireland and its additional hubs in Paris and London. The airline is a specialist in short runway regional operations and, in the year 2007-2008, carried over 1.8 million passengers on its 16 routes.

Where Do They Fly

CityJet operates 16 routes, with its main focus being the Paris to Dublin route. It also flies to the UK's major cities including London, Birmingham and Edinburgh. The airline's other European routes encompass Jersey and the Isle of Man, as well as city destinations such as Zurich, Florence and Luxembourg.


CityJet's on-line check-in service enables passengers to choose their own seat and print out a boarding pass anytime from 30 hours before the flight's departure. This facility is available on all flights and to all customers, regardless of whether they are traveling with or without baggage. The service also enables passengers to check in to a different flight from the reserved, tariff allowing. A single person can check in groups of up to nine passengers. CityJet also makes use of self-service kiosks, giving customers the opportunity to change departure time or choose to be put on a waiting list before boarding.


All passengers, including children over two years old, are entitled to a 44 lbs free allowance of checked baggage on all CityJet flights. For customers traveling on executive tickets, this is increased to 66 lbs. Levies for baggage in excess of this allowance are based on a zonal system, with charges varying from 3 to 30 Euros. If the route is deemed to be long haul, travelers are allowed to check in two items of baggage each, as long as neither item exceeds 44 lbs for leisure travel or 70 lbs for executive. CityJet restricts cabin baggage to one item per passenger, with that item not exceeding 15 lbs or 46" in size.


Only infants over one month of age are allowed to fly with CityJet. All children aged between one month and two years of age must travel seated on an adult passenger's lap, meaning that an adult can travel with only one baby. CityJet is not able to heat up milk or baby food during flight due to limited facilities on the aircraft. All children aged over two years must have his own seat booked, and passengers must contact CityJet for details of acceptable restraints and seats. In the interest of safety, CityJet restricts the total number of infants to six per flight.

Provisions for unaccompanied minors

Children aged between five and 12 years of age may travel unaccompanied on the proviso that they are accompanied to the airport by an adult who remains present until the flight is airborne. This adult must also complete a form confirming that similar provision has been made for the child at their destination, although airline ground staff will be on hand to assist the child through immigration and customs control. CityJet will refuse to allow the minor to board if the necessary arrangements are not made during the reservation process, which may be done only via reservation center and not through the on-line booking service.


The carriage of animals as cargo is not permitted on any CityJet flight to or from Great Britain or Ireland. The transportation of animals in the cabin is limited to guide dogs, provided they are accompanying a passenger who is dependent on the animal and that the dog is appropriately harnessed. This service is not available on flights from outside the UK destined for London City, due to import restrictions at London City Airport (LGY). No other pets are allowed in the cabin of the aircraft.

Benefits of the Frequent Flyer Program

Passengers on CityJet can earn miles as part of the Air France/KLM frequent flyer program, Flying Blue. Level miles earned with CityJet can also be spent with Air France, KLM, Air Europa, Kenya Airways and the members of the Sky Team alliance. Flying Blue offers numerous member benefits and can be contacted at via telephone in the US at 1-800-375-8723 or at www.airfrance.us/X02/en/local/voyageurfrequent/flyingblue.

In-Flight Service

CityJet has introduced a new healthier menu, offering passengers yogurts and fruits on breakfast flights and lighter snacks on midday and evening flights. A selection of alcoholic beverages is available on all scheduled flights in the afternoon and evening.

Airline Magazines

Velocity offers passengers a stylish look at the latest business trends, fashions and the latest in entertainment and culture. This in-flight magazine is available on all CityJet and VLM flights.

Airline Alliances

In 1933, Air France helped to found the Sky Team alliance, which now includes 14 airlines.

Contact Information

CityJet can be reached online at CITYJET. Customers seeking assistance with their reservations can call the Ireland office at +353 605 0383. Regular customers with CityJet can enjoy the benefits of Air

France/KLM's frequent flyer program, Flying Blue.
Contact them online at
or by phoning + 1 800 375 8723.

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