Wizz Air, established in 2003, is one of Hungary's low cost airlines flying to various destinations throughout Europe. Wizz Air's IATA code is W6, its ICAO code is WVL and its Callsign is Wizzair. The airline is based in the Hungarian city of Vecses, and it has several hubs in airports within Central Europe such as Sofia Airport in Bulgaria, Warsaw Frederic Chopin Airport in Poland and Kiev Boryspil International Airport in Ukraine.

Flying Route

Wizz Air concentrates its services to the Central European region. As Wizz Air is a low cost airline, flight destinations are usually set for smaller airports and various secondary airports thus reducing fees.

Wizz Air flights are offered under two categories: Wizz Air Romania Division and Wizz Air Bulgaria Division. Wizz Air Romania flies to London, Milan, Brussels, Valencia, Rome and Timisora amongst other destinations. Wizz Air Bulgaria division flies to places such as Sofia, Rome, London and Dortmund. More information about the destinations of the two divisions can be found on the airline's website.


Wizz Air provides services for online booking of flights. You can book your flight and pay for it online with any of the major credit or debit cards including Visa and MasterCard. You will receive your flight itinerary which includes your flight number, departure and arrival time. Wizz Air, however, does not provide online check-in services. You will be required to check-in at the airport before boarding. You should therefore make it a point to arrive early for your flight so as to check-in with time to spare. Wizz Air also does not offer online checking services for luggage. You will be required to check-in your luggage as you are checking-in.


Wizz Air has set stringent rules for carry-on luggage that if not followed will result in the luggage being checked in. Wizz Air allows only one piece of carry-on luggage per passenger. The baggage should measure not more than 55x40x20 cm (21x16x8") and should not weigh more than 10kg/22 lbs. In addition to this carry-on baggage, Wizz Air passengers are allowed to carry items such as umbrellas, mobile phones, a blanket, coat, crutches or a handbag on board.

Baggage to be checked-in should be declared upon booking the flight. Wizz Air will charge more fees for additional luggage. The maximum weight for checked in baggage is 15 kg/33 lbs. Excess baggage fees will be charged per kilo.

Traveling Infants

You will not be required to reserve a seat for any infant below the age of two years. Wizz Air will only charge you an Infant Fee. This fee is to be paid while reserving and paying for the ticket of the accompanying passenger. The infant is allowed to sit on the lap of the accompanying passenger for the whole duration of the flight. You may not carry a car seat for the infant on board the flight. There is no baggage allowance included with the infant fee. You may only carry a stroller at no additional cost. Only one infant is allowed per accompanying passenger and there is no additional tax or booking fee charged.


There are no special services for minors on Wizz Air flights. The company, however, has stringent rules about the minors flying with them. Wizz Air defines a minor as anyone between the age of two and 14 years. Booking flights for minors in Wizz Air is similar to that of adults and can be done online. A minor must occupy their own seat on the flight.

Children who are 14 or 15 can travel unaccompanied by an adult but should not be accompanying other minors below the age of 14. Wizz Air will only allow a minor to travel if they are accompanied by an adult or passenger over the age of 16 booked under the same reservation.


Normally, pets are checked in with luggage and are not allowed on board the flight. However, Wizz Air recognizes the fact that some animals have been specially trained to assist passengers with disabilities such as seeing eye-dogs and trained assistance animals. Such animals are allowed on board. The accompanying passenger, however, is responsible for the animal. They should not allow it to obstruct or disturb other passengers.

Other pets are to be checked in and should be placed in a leak proof container. According to Wizz Air policies, only one pet is allowed per container. There is a standard fee to be paid for each pet.

Frequent Flyer Program

The frequent flyer program of Wizz Air is known as the Wizz Plus Account. Passengers are advised to call the customer call center for registration to the account. When you transfer a set amount of money to the account, you will receive a 15% or 25% bonus. You can also convert points earned on your Wizz Bank Card.

In Flight Services

Wizz Air does not include food and drinks in the price of the air ticket. You can purchase food and drinks on board the flight.

Airlines Magazine

Wizzit, Wizz Air's in-flight magazine is also available online. You can learn about the cities in central and Eastern Europe and about the interesting events that may be occurring in any of the destinations of Wizz Air flights.

Airlines Alliances

Wizz Air only has an alliance with Ukraine Air. The airline, however, is growing and other alliances may result later.

Contact Information

The airline offers online services on their website at www.wizzair.com. cURL Error: