MyTravel Airways is one of the most progressive airlines in the United Kingdom for scheduled and charter flights. Its headquarters is located in Manchester, England and operates on a worldwide capacity with holiday charter services available from its parent, the MyTravel Group. MyTravel Airways was created in 1990 and initiated its first set of operations in early March of 1991 flying aircraft of McDonnell Douglas-MD80 to several chartered and scheduled destinations in Europe.

Where Do They Fly?

MyTravel Airways offers scheduled flights in the UK, Europe and to several global destinations. In the UK you can fly to destinations such as England, Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland. For other European destinations you can schedule your flight to Austria, Denmark, Croatia, Bulgaria and premiere tourist spots like France, Italy, Greece, Spain and Romania. You can also purchase a flight to Sweden and Turkey. For its global flights you can choose MyTravel to reach Egypt, the Barbados, Morocco, Canada and exotic locations such as China, India and Jamaica to name a few.


MyTravel Airways luggage allowance comes standard with a Thomas Cook Carrier allowing 33 lbs per person. Passengers have the allowance to extend their luggage privileges of up to 44 lbs by contacting MyTravel Airways after booking. Baggage allowance increases are afforded a fine, 15.00 pound sterling for short haul flights, 25.00 pound sterling for long haul and 35.00 pound sterling during the summer. MyTravel offers Premiair Gold, a service available for frequent flyers that allows a passenger an extended baggage allowance of 66 lbs.

In-flight Services

MyTravel Airways carries the standard amenities for in flight service such as a complimentary magazine for entertainment and your standard selection of in flight videos.

Airline Alliances

Because of impending convergence in the UK IT industry, MyTravel Group PLC agreed to merge with Thomas Cook AG in March of 2007, creating the Thomas Cook Group PLC. Both fleets became one, and the airlines' officially named as Thomas Cook Airlines, but operating within MyTravel's AOC.

Contact Information

Its website is MYTRAVEL, with an email address of mytravelairways@mytravel.dk for Denmark reservations and pretravelservices@mytravel.co.uk for United Kingdom. The phone number for their headquarters is +45 3247 7200 and Fax number is +45 3247 7391

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