A low-cost airline that provides the traveler with no-frills essentials, Vueling is based in Spain and has been connecting travelers from Europe and the Middle East since 2004. In just a few years, the airline has emerged as one of Spain's leading carriers providing service to over ten million passengers. The airline's IATA code is VY, its ICAO code is VLG and its Callsign is Vueling.

Flying Route

As Spain's leading air travel provider for the European and Mediterranean region, among the destinations that Vueling Airlines visits are Paris, Barcelona, Milan, Amsterdam, Brussels, and Rome. The airline, however, has destinations in 17 countries ranging from Austria to the United Kingdom. Other destination sites include Croatia, Romania, Morocco, Malta, and the Netherlands.


Not only does Vueling Airlines provide online check-ins, but reservations made through the internet are awarded 20 points to the Punto Program. The reservation time that a passenger can allot ranges from seven days before the actual time of departure, to four hours prior to the flight. Once the reservations have been made online, the passenger can board the flight 10-30 minutes before the exact time of departure if there are no bagse to be checked in. For those with check-in baggage, however, the passenger must arrive at least 40 minutes before the departure time indicated on the ticket.


The weight limit for carry-on baggage is established at 10 kg/22 lbs, and the dimensions of the parcel should not exceed 55x40x20cm (21x16x8"). Checked-in baggage may also be brought, and should not exceed 23 kg/50 lbs. For checked-in baggage, a baggage fee of EUR10 per flight per suitcase applies. It is important that the passenger notifies the airline of the number of packages that will be checked in because an additional fee of EUR20 per suitcase per flight is added to excess unregistered suitcases. Excess baggage over the maximum 23 kg/5o lbs will be allowed at charges of EUR10 per kg of excess baggage.

Traveling Infants

In general, an authorization is required from the parent or from the guardian of children below 18 years of age, including infants. For children below five years of age, however, the protocol is for parents to accompany the children. There is a limit of only six minors allowed per flight, however. The national ID should also be brought for children travelling outside of the European Union. While there are no particular discounts that apply to infants, it is important to remember that Vueling is already a low-cost airline provider, meaning that it already provides all passengers a discount.


The Vueling Airlines provides services for minors to travel unaccompanied. For children between the ages of five and 13, the unaccompanied minor service can be reserved online or through the customer service centers between 24 to two hours before the flight departure. Minors aged between 14 and 17 years may also use the unaccompanied minor service through the customer service center. The service is charged at EUR30 per leg of flight for minors travelling domestically, while those traveling international flights are charged EUR50 per leg of flight, exclusive of the actual fare rates that apply on all travelers regardless of the age.


Vueling Airlines provides passengers the opportunity to bring their pet animals, especially domestic animals such as cats, dogs, and birds. Basic rules and protocol must be followed, however, such as ensuring full responsibility for the pet at all times. The pets are also not allowed to roam outside of the cage during the flight, and must be accompanied by the owner at all times. The pets should also be vaccinated and must have papers for verification purposes ready. A fee also applies for pets traveling in the Vueling Airlines. Contact the customer service center for the details of animal fees.

Frequent Flyer Program

Because Vueling Airlines is one of the leading air travel service providers, it is also equipped with a frequent flyer program known as the Punto Program. Upon registration, the points are accumulated with additional travels taken by the flyer. The points are directly managed online, with no need for cards.

In Flight Services

In-flight services are offered in the Vueling. Among the best are the XL and the duo seats for those who want to travel in comfort.

Airlines Magazine

Vueling does not list any airline magazine.

Airlines Alliances

Vueling is member to two of the largest air alliances, One World and Star Alliance.

Contact Information

For reservations, Vueling Airlines can be reached through 807001717, or at the Plaza Pla de l'estany n 5, 08820 Barcelona. For queries regarding bookings, contact 807200200. Vueling Airlines also has a frequent flyer club known as the Punto Program, which can be reached through landline at 902 10 42 69 everyday. The website is www.vueling.com.

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