Founded in 1994, Aerosvit is the largest airlines in Ukraine both in terms of network of routes and passenger traffic. The airline is based in Kiev, Ukraine, and the Boryspil International Airport is its main hub. Apart from domestic flights, it also operates some long-haul routes as well.

Where do they fly?

The destinations of Aerosvit include countries like China, India, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Israel, Cyprus, and United Arab Emirates in Asia. Its air route in Europe covers Germany, Georgia, Greece, Azerbaijan, Czech Republic, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, Poland and Russia. The airline also has flights to New York City in the USA and Toronto in Canada.


For its international flights to New York, Toronto, New Delhi, Beijing and Bangkok, the Aerosvit airline allows hand baggage allowance of 28 lbs and 33 lbs for its economy and business class passengers respectively. The total hand baggage limit (along with other accessory luggage like laptop, books, files, etc.) in the economy and business class is 33 lbs and 44 lbs respectively. The airline allows free baggage allowance of 70 lbs in business and 50 lbs for economy class on its trans-Atlantic flights. This is 70 lbs for the New Delhi to Toronto flights. Different fees have been stipulated by the airline for excess baggage depending upon the routes.

In-flight Service

The airline provides snacks, breakfast, lunch and dinner depending upon the type and duration of the flights. Special foods due to any dietary needs or religious beliefs are also served by the airline for its passengers. Passengers can also enjoy music and watch movies during flights. Magazines, newspapers and its in-flight magazine called Meridian are also provided.

Airline Alliances

Aerosvit has no air alliances at this time.


For booking and information, the Aerosvit airline can be contacted by phone at (+38044)-490-3-490 (24/7), Tel.8-800-305-00-00 (24/7), or by fax at 496-28-81. A message may be sent my email to info@aerosvit.com.

The the US, call 1-212-661-1620, or fax them at 1-212-661-1602. The US email address is sales@aerosvit.us.

The airline can also be contacted at its website AEROSVIT .

The frequent flyer program of the airline is called Meridian Club. Call +38 044 496 79 97, fax +38 044 490 58 72 or email meridian@aerosvit.com with specific frequent flyer questions.

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