VLM Airlines is an international airline which has its origins in Belgium. The airline is relatively young having begun operation in May 1993. VLM Airlines' first headquarters were in Belgium, but as the company grew, the main hub was shifted to the London City Airport, England. VLM Airlines continues to experience consistent growth.


VLM Airlines is a relatively small airline carrier and limits its destinations to the European continent. Popular destinations of VLM Airlines include Frankfurt, Hamburg, Brussels, Guernsey, Amsterdam, Luxemburg City, Eindhoven, Manchester City, London and Rotterdam. VLM Airlines plans to increase the current routes to include other areas in Europe and Asia.


VLM Airlines has several strict policies on the amount of luggage each passenger is allowed to carry. Sticking within these limits will mean that your luggage is transported for free. Excess baggage is charged per exceeding kilogram. The limitations for hand baggage are 19" length and a width of 14". The weight should not exceed 5kg/11 lbs for economy class and 15kg/33 lbs for business class. Check in baggage should not exceed 20kg/44 lbs for economy and 30 kg/66 lbs for business class passengers.

In-flight services

VLM Airlines offers first class services to both business and economy class passengers. Freshly cooked meals are available for business class passengers and fresh fruits and vegetables are available for economy class. You can even request a kosher or vegetarian meal when you make your reservation.

Airline Alliances

VLM Airline has several passenger flights flying on an ACMI basis for various other airlines within Europe. These airlines include Air France, Air Arann and Flybe.

Contact Information

The VLM Airlines' website, VLM, offers information on reservations and regulations of the airline. If you would rather talk to an agent from the airline, you may call their international number 0871 666 5050. Members of VLM Encore (VLM Airline's frequent flyer club) are also required to use the same number.

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