Air Europa Lineas Aereas, S.A.U. (IATA: UX, ICAO: AEA; Callsign: Europa) is an airline company headquartered in Palma, Spain. Its main hub is located in Madrid Barajas Airport in Madrid. Air Europa was founded in 1986 under the name Air Espana SA. It had also been part of the ILG-Air Europe Group and was partly owned by some banks in Spain.

Flying Route

Air Europa flies to various destinations in Africa, Europe and North and South America. These include flights to major cities such as Paris, Rome, Barcelona, London, Caracas, Buenos Aires, Miami and New York City. It also flies to holiday resorts in the Balearic and Canary Islands and long haul flights to the Caribbean.


Air Europa has an "acceptance deadline" being indicated in the passenger tickets. This is the latest time at which a passenger is allowed to be accepted for travel. This would also mean that by this time, the passenger will have finished checking in his baggage and already has a boarding pass. Otherwise, Air Europa has the right to assign the unoccupied seat to a passenger on the waiting list.

Usually, the acceptance deadline of Air Europa flights is at least 45 minutes before the time of departure. Otherwise, the set acceptance deadline will be printed on the ticket. Those with special needs are also considered and have different acceptance deadlines.


Baggage allowance rules depend on the destination and are usually printed in the passenger tickets. This will also determine whether a piece or weight system is applied.

Under the weight system, Business class passengers of Air Europa are allowed up to 30kg/66 lbs and 23kg/50 lbs for Economy class passengers. For those who fall under the piece system, a maximum weight of 32kg/70 lbs is allowed for checked baggage. Those whose baggage exceeds the maximum requirements will have to be repacked and excess items will have to be transferred to additional suitcases and bags.

Passengers are also allowed one piece of hand carry luggage that should not weigh more than 9kg/2 lbs. They may also bring along some personal items at no additional costs.

Traveling Infants

Air Europa classifies passengers who are under the age of two as infants. With this, they are not allowed to have a seat of their own. However, they may sit on an adult's lap provided that they are not staying in seats near emergency exits. Also, only one infant is allowed per adult.

Infants are allowed a baggage allowance that must not exceed 10kg/22 lbs. An adult may also bring a carrycot or a collapsible stroller with no additional costs. However, these items must not exceed 55 x 35 x 25 cm (21x14x10") in dimension and 9kg/20 lbs in weight. Otherwise, it will only be considered a checked luggage.


Children between two and 12 years of age are considered minors. Unlike infants, they are entitled to a seat and a luggage exemption also. However, they still cannot travel in seats near emergency exits.

The Unaccompanied Minors (UM) are mandatory companion services for children under 12 years. This service costs 20 euros per direction for direct flights. The Young People service is also given to those who request for a companion for minors. Charges for the UM service are also applicable to the Young People service.

Air Europa also does not allow minors less than five years of age to travel unaccompanied. They are also not allowed to go on a flight if their flights have stopovers, especially if this stopover would exceed three hours.


Air Europa allows pets such as cats, dogs, fish, some types of birds, aquarium tortoises and some rodents to go on board. Some types of amphibians, insects, crustaceans and reptiles are also allowed to be brought in.

Passengers are only allowed a maximum of five animals per flight, and they should each be at least ten weeks old and have complete vaccinations. Pets must be kept in a container that measures 55 x 35 x 25 cm (21x14x10") all throughout the flight. Also the total weight of the container, including the pet, must not go beyond 8kg/17 lbs. Three pets may also be placed in a single container as long as they do not exceed the requirements.

Frequent Flyer Program

The frequent flyer program of Air Europa is called Flying Blue. Members of this program not only earn miles when they fly with Air Europa but also when they have flights with Air France, KLM and Kenya Airways. You can also get guaranteed seats and an exclusive reservation service that is available 24/7. Members may also get 50% off on their flights.

In Flight Services

Air Europa passengers are given various types of entertainment while flying. This would include videos of Transworld Sport and also of the "Friends" series. It also offers passengers a wide array of movies to watch.

Airlines Magazine

Air Europa offers its passengers two magazine type videos that include the services and products of the company as well as their features on music, fashion, movies and cars.

Airlines Alliances

Air Europa belongs to the Sky Team airline alliance and with the help of Air France. Other airlines belonging to the alliance include Continental Airlines, Delta Air Lines and Northwest Airlines, among others.

Contact Information

For bookings and flight information, one may call Air Europa at 902 401 501. One may also do it online through their website at www.aireuropa.com. Should one need any help regarding web services, they may also call 807 300 705 or 902 301 530. For questions regarding Air Europa's frequent flyer program, one may call 902 021 467.

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