Connecting Reunion in Africa, with Sydney, Australia in twice-weekly flights, Air Austral is one of the leading flight service providers in the Indian Ocean. The airline has been providing services for over 35 years and offers very competitive airfare in all flight types, from economy, premium economy, and business class flights.

Air Austral's airline code is UU.

Where do they fly?

Africa, Asia, Europe, and Oceana are the areas that Air Austral Airlines covers. The most popular destinations are Reunion in Africa, as well as Thailand, Bangkok, France and Australia. In Africa, there are 10 airports to serve you, while France has four airports. Australia has two airports for Air Austral.


Online booking is available through the website, where you will only have to indicate your point of origin and desired destination. The flights should be booked as early as possible, although the airline will accommodate flight bookings that have been made within 24 hours, subject to the availability of seats. For long haul flights, the check-in period begins four hours before the actual flight, and the gates close an hour before the flight. For regional flights, however, the check-in time begins one and a half to three hours before departure and gates close 45 minutes before the flight, depending on the aircraft you will board.


The carry-on allowance for baggage that will be stored in the cabin is 22 lbs for flights to long haul destinations. For regional travel, the limit is set at 11 lbs. The dimensions of the baggage should not exceed 45". For checked in baggage, the limit is set at 70 lbs. Special allowances on baggage are given on youth and frequent flyers. For youth, up to 88 lbs of baggage is allowed to be checked-in while frequent flyers have excess baggage privileges. Excess baggage fees are dependent on the destination and are available for client viewing on the website.


Infants are accommodated by Air Austral, as long as the infant is more than seven days old. Proper identification of the infant should be carried at all times. The flight attendants in the plane are willing to help you with all your needs pertaining to the infant. Remember, however, to indicate if you are bringing an infant as you book your flight. Seats need to be reserved for children above two years old, however. All infants must be accompanied by a legal aged parent with proper certification. For round trip flights, the return trip will not be charged for infants.


For people aged two to eleven years, special benefits are given such as food specifically suited for the minors. Make sure, however, that you notify the airline beforehand for advance preparation for the minors. Minors may also travel unaccompanied by adult, for which Air Austral will provide special arrangements. Make sure, however, that the parent or a certified adult will bring the child to the airport and that another certified adult will collect the child at the destination area. Throughout the travel, airline personnel will orient the unaccompanied minor about procedures and will ensure the child's safety throughout the flight.


There are some rules pertaining to the travel of animals. In particular, only dogs and cats that weigh below 11 lbs are allowed to travel in the cabin. For other types of animals or those which exceed the 11 lbs weight limit, the pet will be placed in the hold. Make sure that your animal comes with sufficient and appropriate documentation, and that the cage is properly tagged including contact information. Vaccination certification must also be provided to ensure the safety of everyone on board. Pertinent rules on animal flight in the point of origin and destination will also apply.

Frequent Flyer Program

The frequent flyer program which Air Austral provides is the Capricorne Program, and it comes with numerous perks. Once the passenger has registered for the program, 500 points are automatically added to his card and with more flights, more points will accumulate. The more points you get, the greater the benefits.

In-Flight Services

To make the flights comfortable for passengers, Air Austral offers a variety of in-flight services. Apart from helping you with food and other conveniences, the flight attendants in Air Austral will also accommodate special needs such as for passengers who are disabled, as well as for infants in flight.

Airline Magazines

Air Austral provides all of its passengers with the Air Austral In-Flight magazine for in-flight entertainment.

Air Alliances

Air Austral Airlines is a member of the International Air Transport Association, or the IATA.

Contact Information

Air Austral Airlines can be reached for information about your ticket and other concerns through e-mail at reservation@air-austrail.com. The airline can also be reached through the contacts page on its website, which is www.air-austral.com. For members of frequent flyer clubs, the contact detail is 0825013012, or through fax at 0262909096.

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