USA3000 (IATA: U5, ICAO: GWY; Callsign: GETAWAY) is the trading name for Brendan Airways, LLC. Its headquarters is located in Delaware County, Pennsylvania. It was founded in 2001 and is a sister company of Apple Vacations. Among its first destinations were Punta Cana and Cancun, the latter was the destination for their inaugural flight.

Where Do They Fly?

The USA3000 Airlines offers flights to major destinations in North and South America. These include Bermuda, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica and Mexico. However, its flights to the Bermuda International Airport are only seasonal. Destinations in the United States also include cities such as Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Missouri, Ohio and Pennsylvania.


The check-in counters of USA3000 are open up to two hours before the scheduled departure. The counters close at least 45 minutes before the flight schedule for domestic destinations and an hour for international ones.

By this time, passengers should already have finished getting their baggage checked and should already be at the departure lobby with their boarding passes. Otherwise, they might not be allowed to board and travel. The gates and aircraft doors will close 15 and 5 minutes before the flight schedule, respectively, for domestic flights. For international flights, gates and aircraft doors will close 30 and 5 minutes before the departure schedule.


Passengers of the USA3000 Airlines are entitled to have one piece of carry on baggage. This baggage must fit well into the overhead compartment or under the seat and must not exceed 24 x 16 x 10 inches in dimension. Otherwise, they will be accepted by USA3000 as a checked baggage. They may also bring one personal item such as a computer, briefcase or pocketbook with no additional charges.

USA3000 has started to accept checked baggage with a fee of US$9 for the first one during reservation. The charge will rise to US$12 if it is paid at the airport ticket counter. Checked baggage must not go beyond 50 lbs or 62 linear inches.

Traveling Infants

USA3000 allows children below two years of age to travel without having to purchase tickets so long as they stay on the lap of an adult. However, parents may opt to reserve a seat for infants for more comfortable seating. To do so, the have to bring a child restraint device or a car seat aboard. Infants in a car seat must be in a window seat for safety purposes. USA3000 Airlines also does not allow more than one infant to be seated in a single row.

USA3000 will require a copy of the infant's birth certificate to verify their age. Otherwise, they will have to purchase a seat for the infant should it not be verified or approved.


Children below 18 years of age are not allowed to travel international flights with USA3000 Airlines if they are not accompanied by adults. Those who are under five years of age are not allowed to travel unaccompanied at all while those between five and 12 may do so as long as it is a direct flight. Passengers taken in as unaccompanied minors will be charged US$50 per child for each flight. It must also be paid during the reservations.

A birth certificate will have to be presented as a proof of the child's age. If unaccompanied, the flight attendants must be able to identify the minor. If they come late, they will be the last ones to board, accompanied by a flight attendant.


USA3000 does not allow pets on board for international flights. However, it will accept cats and dogs for domestic destinations. Pets will only be accepted on a first come, first served basis, so owners must do an advanced reservation for their pets. They may also be taken in the cabin or cargo hold, depending on their weight.

For pets in cabin, they will be charged US$75 per pet. A passenger may also bring a maximum of five pets to travel in the cabin. Pets on hold will be charged US$125 per pet. Passengers are also allowed only three pets at maximum when booked in the hold.

Frequent Flyer Program

The USA3000 Airlines does not have a frequent flyer program. But, it has a fair fare rule and commuter flights that provide passengers flights for as low as US$49.99. These flights would take you to gateway destinations of USA3000 including Baltimore, Detroit, Chicago, Pittsburgh, St. Louis, Cleveland, Cincinnati and Philadelphia.

In Flight Services

USA3000 offers its passengers snacks placed in meal boxes that they can purchase for US$7 each. Aside from these, they also provide movies and music to keep their passengers entertained throughout the flight.

Airlines Magazine

Roam is the official in-flight magazine of USA3000 and is published quarterly by the company.

Airlines Alliances

The USA3000 Airlines does not belong to any airline alliance as of yet. However, it is a sister company to a vacation company called Apple Vacations.

Contact Information

Reservations may be done by calling their toll-free number at 1-877-USA3000 (872-3000) and also for questions regarding their fair fare rules and frequent flyer miles inquiries. One may also visit their website at www.usa3000.com. Passengers flying in groups may call 1-610-359-6545 and those who want chartered flights may send an email to marketing@usa3000.com.

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