easyJet Airlines was founded in 1995 By Stelios Haji Ioanna. Referred to as "the web's cheapest airline,"easyJet Airlines has grown to become one of Europe's most popular low fare airlines. Noted as the first low-fare carrier to provide the facility of a "real time" online booking system, easyJet revolutionized the world of internet air fare booking. easyJet Airlines operates using the airline code U2.


easyJet operates throughout 27 countries within Europe and North Africa with their largest base being in London Gatwick. Countries include United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Canary Islands, Portugal, Switzerland, Italy, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Malta, Greece, Croatia, Austria, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco.


Passengers interested in utilizing easyJet's low cost services will be pleased to learn that easyJet offers a generous baggage allowance of 44 lbs checked through luggage and 11 lbs carry on hand luggage per person. Their baggage allowance allows passengers to travel with a greater sense of comfort and peace of mind.

Onboard the flight:

Aboard easyJet airlines, snacks are available for purchase from their on board easyJet bistro menu. Some flights also option in flight entertainment, however this is usually limited towards the long duration flights.

If you're looking to break away for a long weekend city break or would like to find yourself relaxing on one of the many fabulous beaches found within Europe, check out easyJet airlines' webpage and see where their low cost offers may take you.

Alliances and frequent flyer cards:

To date, easyJet airlines has not made any alliances with other airlines and fails to offer a fidelity card program. However, this has not deterred the hundreds of thousands of people who frequently choose to repeat business with easyJet airlines

Contact information:

If you are interested in making a reservation with easyJet Airlines, you may check out their latest offers on their website at EASYJET or speak with one of their helpful customer service team members at 0905 821 0905 within the U.K or 0044 870 6 000 000 for the rest of the word (note that other European countries may find their local customer care number found on the main website).

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