The Iberworld Airline is a Spanish airline that has its headquarters at Palma de Mallorca, Spain. Founded in 1998, the airline provides chartered flights to regional destinations in Europe and the Caribbean as well as scheduled domestic and international flights. Its fleet consists of 11 Airbus 320-200 and Airbus 320-300 aircrafts. The Son Sant Joan Airport, Palma de Mallorca is its main hub.

Where do they fly?

The Iberworld Airline flies to 89 destinations. It provides seasonal air-service from Madrid. Its air-route covers most of the important destinations in Europe and Aman, Bamako, Aswan, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Hasi Messaoud, New Delhi. Its other destinations include Cancun, Havana, Montego Bay, Punta Cana, Puerto Plata, and Salvador da Bahia.


Passengers traveling with Iberworld Airline are permitted to carry a single piece of luggage inside the cabin, which is to be kept in the overhead bin or under the seat. Its weight should be within 13 lbs and its dimensions should not be more than 20"x18"x10". The airline also allows free-baggage allowance of 44 lbs irrespective of the number of pieces.

In-flight Services

The airline provides its passengers a wide range of delectable choices for lunch, dinner, breakfast, snacks and beverages. Provisions of special menu are also available, but passengers have to give prior information about their preferences.

The airline provides a varied selection of audio and video entertainment facilities in all its fleets. You can choose your preferred channel and enjoy the music or videos.

Air Alliances

Iberworld has no air alliance at this time.

Contact Information

If you are located in the USA, you may make a booking by calling 011 (+34) 97 178 822 22.
If you prefer to explore their website, go to IBERWORLD.

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