Air Tanzania is the national carrier of the East African nation of Tanzania. The airline carrier was established in 1977, and its headquarters is in the capital city of the nation, Dar es Salaam. The airlines' main hub is in the Julius Nyerere International Airport in the capital city of Tanzania.


Air Tanzania flies to several destinations within the region and also within the country. You can book a domestic flight to Bukoba, Zanzibar or Dodoma. You can also reserve a seat on international flights to destinations within Africa such as Burundi, Zambia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Uganda and Mozambique.


Air Tanzania provides strict regulations on the size and weight of baggage allowed in each class. International flights are larger, and therefore passengers are allowed more baggage. Air Tanzania will transport baggage that does not exceed the limits for free. Infants are not allowed baggage space except for items such as baby cars and trolleys.

In-flight Service

Air Tanzania offers excellent in flight service. Meals are served to the business class passengers, and snacks are offered to the economy class passengers. The airline offers you true African hospitality.

Airline Alliances

Air Tanzania codeshares with several airlines within the region including Air Zimbabwe and Air Uganda. South Africa Airlines (SAA) was once a major stakeholder in Air Tanzania. The ownership, however, has since been returned to the government.

Contact Information

You can contact Air Tanzania by calling their international number +255 22 211 8411.
Their website, AIR TANZANIA, offers plenty of information on reserving flights and their rates.

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