Transportes Aereos Centroamericanos (TACA) is a Central American Airline that consists of five international airlines as well as several regional airlines that all code-share. The IATA code for TACA Airlines is TA, the ICAO code is TAI and the Callsign is TACA. The five Central American airlines are Aviteca, Taca International, NICA, Lasca and TACA Peru. These airlines operate in combination.

Flying Route

TACA is a rapidly growing airline whose destinations are increasing. There are currently 50 destinations that the airline flies to internationally. TACA flies to major cities such as Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington, Dallas, Toronto, Mexico City, San Jose and Cancun. The airline also flies to countries such as Venezuela, Lima, Peru, Colombia and Panama.


TACA airlines allows its passengers to check-in online. There are, however, several conditions that could disqualify a passenger from being able to make use of these services. You must be over the age of 18 and if you are below the age of 18 you must be accompanied by an adult if you intend to use the online check-in service. You cannot check-in online on a TACA flight if you are travelling with an infant, pets or are using a free or discounted ticket. If you require special services while travelling you will be required to check-in at the airport.


TACA offers varying baggage allowances for passengers depending on the class they are travelling in. Economy class passengers are allowed one piece of carry on baggage weighing not more than 10kgs/22 lbs and measuring not more than 114cm/45". Checked baggage should not exceed two pieces and should not weigh more than 22kg/48 lbs and 31kg/68 lbs. A US$125 fee will be charged for any extra, oversized and overweight bags.

Business Class TACA passengers are allowed one piece of carry-on luggage weighing 10 Kg/22 lbs and not exceeding 114 cm/45". Checked in baggage should not exceed 32 Kg/70 lbs for each of the two bags allowed. All TACA passengers are allowed two free pieces of baggage.

Traveling Infants

TACA defines infants as children under the age of two years. Infants on TACA flights are required to travel on the lap of the accompanying adult. The infant's fare is charged at 10% of adult fare and includes insurance, fuel fee and security. This is not applicable in Business Class where the infant's fare will be charged at the same rate as an adult's. Infants on TACA flights are not entitled to their own seat space, food service and baggage space. An infant requiring a seat should have an adult-fare ticket reserved. The baby carrier or infant seat should have been approved by the FAA.


Minors are defined by TACA as children between the ages of two and 17. Separate seats should be booked for minors and are charged at adult rate. There is a special minor service for unaccompanied minors available on all TACA flights. Only minors above the age of five years are allowed to travel unaccompanied.

TACA unaccompanied minor service is mandatory for children up to the age of 12 but optional for those between 13 and 17 years of age. The service includes assistance in checking-in, boarding and special attention throughout the flight. Unaccompanied Minor Services are available at US$115, US$90 and US$30 for each minor on a North American, Latin American and domestic flight respectively.


Pets are the responsibility of the accompanying TACA passenger. Passengers are responsible for the permits and meeting any sanitation requirements for their pets. TACA international flights permit only dogs and cats to be checked in. Special pets such as trained assistance animals, emotional support dogs and seeing-eye dogs are allowed onboard the flight. The accompanying passenger is responsible for the animal through-out the flight and should ensure that the animal does not interfere with other TACA passengers. Certification of the animal or medical documentation may be demanded so as to allow the animal on board. Transportation fee for pets is US$80 (in the cabin) and US$125.

Frequent Flyer Program

Distancia is TACA Airlines' frequent flyer program. When you join this club you will begin collecting Distancia miles that can be traded for great gifts. There is also an incentive frequent flyer incentive program known as Avanicia. The points collected in this program can be converted directly to Distancia miles and traded in for a TACA offer.

In Flight Services

TACA offers personalized service for the business class passengers. There are complimentary meals and an open bar. Economy class passengers are offered snacks and beverages.

Airlines Magazine

TACA's in-flight magazine is known as EXPLORE Magazine. It offers information about TACA destinations, fashion, art, music and world news.

Airlines Alliances

TACA works in partnership with various other airlines including Aviance, Aerosur, United Airlines, TAME and Iberia Airlines.

Contact Information

TACA can be contacted from its website at www.taca.com. cURL Error: