Syrian Arabic Airlines, also called Syrianair is the flag carrier of Syria and is based in Damascus at the international airport there. It has a fleet size of 19 aircraft plus seven more on order, and has hubs in Damascus and Allepo. Its IATA code is RB; ICAO code is SYR and it responds to a call sign of SYRIANAIR. Syrianair was founded in 1946.

Where Do They Fly

Syrianair flies to 49 destinations around the world including locations in Asia, the Middle East, North Africa and Europe. It also operates domestic flights to five airports in the Syrian Republic. It flies to multiple airports in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.


Hand luggage is limited to 18 lbs for passengers traveling in economy and 22 lbs for those in the business class. International conventions govern the carriage of baggage and loss of baggage. Frequent flyer card holders are allowed additional baggage depending on the class of card. Infants are allowed free baggage of 22 lbs. Pets are not allowed to travel in the cabin and have to be booked as baggage to travel in the cargo hold.

In-flight Services

Passengers are given a choice during meals opting for white meat or red meat. There is a further choice in business class for appetizers and salads plus Syrian sweets.

Airline Alliances

Syrianair has code sharing agreements with Royal Jordanian, Saudi Arabian Airlines and Yemenia. It is a member of the Arabesk Network Cooperation Project, which is an unbinding airline alliance with members of the Arab Air Carriers Organization.

Contact Information

Syrianair has a web site at SYRIANAIR. It has three types of frequent flyer cards, Blue, Silver and Golden. Central reservations at Damascus can be contacted on 00963 11 168. It has offices at all the places that it flies to, and their contact numbers are available on the web site.

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