Royal Nepal Airlines was founded in the year 1958. Until then, only some Indian Air Companies shuttled planes from different cities of India to cater to the business demands. It was only after the establishment of the Royal Nepal Airlines by the Nepalese government with one American made DC-3 Dakota, that regular aviation started in this country. Its main base is situated at the Tribhuban International Airport, in Katmandu, the capital city of Nepal.

Where do they fly?

Royal Nepal Airlines flies to 40 different destinations in Asia. There are flights to Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok and Hong Kong in Southeast Asia. Its air route also covers Doha in Qatar and Dubai in United Arab Emirates. It also flies to New Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore in India and also to many interesting tourist destinations inside Nepal.


Except for infants, all the passengers traveling on Royal Nepal Airline are allowed to carry a handbag that will fit in the overhead rack or under the seat at no additional charge. Its size must be less than 20"x15"x10" for security reasons. Other than it, one small handbag or purse, a small camera or binocular, one umbrella or a walking stick, an overcoat or a blanket are permitted on board. If you have an infant with you, his stroller can also be carried in the cargo hold without any additional charge.

In-flight service

Royal Nepal Airline offers very good in-flight services. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods are served to the passengers. Requests of special diets due to religious and medical reasons are also taken care of.

Airline Alliances

Royal Nepal Airline has no air alliances at this time.


The airline's Nepal office is in Katmandu. Their telephone number is (00977) 1 4220757, 4248625 and their fax number is (00977) 1 4225347, 4225348.

In the USA, call telephone number is 818-990-9733, or use the USA fax number of 818-501-2098. The email is moks@sitanet.com.

The airline can also be contacted at its website at ROYAL NEPAL

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