Pluna is the national airline of Uruguay in South America. It is based in Montevideo and operates unscheduled cargo services and charter services in addition to its scheduled flights. It was founded in 1936 and has a present fleet of seven planes with eight more planes on order. It has a hub at the Carrasco International Airport in Montevideo. Its IATA code is PU, ICAO code is PUA and its call sign is Pluna.


Pluna flies to destinations in South America in the countries of Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Paraguay. It also operates domestic flights within Uruguay itself, between Montevideo and Punta del Este. Some of its destinations are seasonal and do not operate throughout the year.


You can check in online for Pluna flights. The tickets have to be e-tickets and reservations should not include any infants. Check in can be done 36 hours before the flight and up to two hours before departure. Passengers checked in online have to arrive at the airport two hours in advance of the flight. Normal check in at airports has to be two hours in advance of the flight and these counters close 45 minutes before the departure time.


Every passenger on Pluna can carry two pieces of luggage limited to 44 lbs each and this is charged $20. On line check in passengers are allowed a fifty percent discount. Excess weight on luggage is charged at $4 per kilo. The perimeter of each piece of baggage is limited to 62". Musical instruments are permitted on board if they are limited in size. Bulky instruments can be allowed to travel with the passenger if an additional seat is booked for it. Security checking requires all hand baggage to be checked.


Booking of infants on e-tickets is not permissible and such bookings have to be made with the airline offices or travel agents. Infants under seven days of age are not permitted to travel on Pluna. Infants are charged 10 percent of adult fare but are not entitled to a seat unless separate child fare is paid.


Children between two and five years can be sent unaccompanied if child fare of 50 percent and one full adult fare are paid for the accompanying official of the airline. Children will be with the personnel of the airline throughout the flight. For children five to eight years, attendance during the flight is optional. For children up to 12 years of age, personnel will accompany them from the check in counter to the aircraft, and further attendance will depend on the booking conditions. For children above 12 years, the unaccompanied service is optional. Children are required to have all the necessary documentation.


Pets are allowed to be carried on Pluna flights and are not charged for cabin travel. The passenger has to ensure that the country he is traveling to has no restrictions for pets. For cabin travel, a weight restriction of 11 lbs is enforced. As only one animal is allowed to travel in the cabin, passengers have to get this confirmed at the time of booking their flight. Pets have to be up to date on the necessary vaccinations, and the passenger should have along any certificates. The animal has to travel in the container throughout the flight. They should be able to move freely in the container. Potentially aggressive breeds have to be sedated during the flight.

Frequent Flyer Program

The frequent flyer program for Pluna is Varig Smiles. It has three membership levels in addition to the basic level and each of these is entitled to different privileges and miles accumulation. Extra privileges ensure more allowance for baggage and check in privileges. Miles are also earned through use of hotels and other facilities.

In-Flight Service

Sandwiches, snacks and drinks are complimentary during slightly longer flights, but on shorter flights these must be paid for. As most of their flights are short haul flights, no meals are provided. No in-flight entertainment is provided.

Airline Magazines

The airline flight magazine is called Aboard Pluna and is a monthly publication.

Airline Alliances

Pluna has an alliance with Aerolineas Argentinas.

Contact Information

Pluna has a website at PLUNA
This is in Spanish and therefore a problem for most visitors unless you have a translator on your computer. The contact phone number in Montevideo is (+598 2) 902 14 14. Its frequent flyer program is Varig Miles and can be contacted at Tel: 600-2003 in Montevideo. The office of Pluna in the United States is in Orlando and can be contacted on 1-407-278-7022. On line ticket booking is enabled through their web site.

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