The airline was established as Sahakol Air and was the first privately-owned domestic airline. It has since changed its name to Bangkok Airways and has been gaining popularity ever since, positioning itself as a boutique airline offering personalized and world-class services to its passengers.

Where Do They Fly

Bangkok Airways serves Asian countries such as China, Japan, and Thailand and South Asian countries such as Maldives, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam.


Web check-in done through the airline's website to avoid standing in line. DOmestic flight check-ins can be done from 24 hours up to two hours and a half prior to departure time. Airport check-in for domestic flights should be done at least an hour and a half prior to departure and at least two hours prior to departure for the international flights.


Carryon baggage can be brought onboard at no cost but dimension limits depend on the aircraft type. Typically dimensions should not exceed 56x36x23 cm and the weight of the carryon should not exceed 5kg for all aircrafts. The maximum weight allowance for checked baggage is 20 kg for adult and children passengers and 10 kg for infants

Child Fares

Infants at least seven days to two years of age do not need to occupy seats in the flight. Tickets can be purchased at the Bangkok Airways ticket counter at least two hours or one day before the traveling date. Infant fares are 10% of the applicable adult fare.

Senior Fares

Airfare promotions such as discounts for seniors are given at certain times of the year. More information can be found at the airline company's website.


Dogs and cats are the only pets allowed on Bangkok Airways. Regulations vary for every flight and online booking for pets is not allowed. To make reservations, passengers must call their reservation center at 1771 or send a request to reservation@bangkokair.com.

Carrying Oversized Baggage (Musical Instruments, Strollers, etc.)

Oversized baggage is normally included in the passenger's checked baggage allowance witn any exceeding weight being charged with applicable excess baggage fees. Dimensions of the oversized equipment allowed may depend on the type and dimension limits of the aircraft. Restrictions for sports equipment such as golf clubs, bicycles and surfboards vary so it is best to call the reservatins office.

Bangkok Airways holds true to their airline boutique reputation by giving personalized service to its passengers, all served with hospitality and personal touch.

Air Miles

Flyer Bonus if the frequent flyer program offered to passengers.

Airline Food

Bangkok Airways offers various snacks and beverages including croissants, oatmeal cookies, apple juice, cold salad with fried tofu, fresh fruits, cold chicken and many others. Full course meals are also served on board and special dietary menus are given upon request.

In-Flight Magazine

Fah Thai Magazine is the in-flight magazine offered to passengers.

Airline Alliances

Bangkok Airways currently has no air alliances but has had talks of potentially becoming an affiliate member of SkyTeam, joining airline companies such as Brit Air, Air One, Delta Shuttle, and Northwest Airlink

Contact Information

Reservations: +66 2270

Website: www.bangkokair.com

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