East Line is an airline based at the Domodedovo International Airport in Moscow, Russia. It offers charter and scheduled cargo services, as well as VIP transports and passenger services to Europe, Far East, and Middle East. They have an IATA code of P7 and ICAO code of ESL. It was renamed Russian Sky Airlines due to change of stakeholders in 2004.

Where did they fly?

East Line Airlines offers flights to Varna Bulgaria, Namangan Airport in Uzbekistan, Alicanta and Barcelona El Prat Airports in Spain, Rimini and Palermo International Airports in Italy, Heraklion and Thessaloniki International Airports in Greece, Yangyang International Airport in Korea, and Vityazevo, Barnaul, Beloyarsky, Bratsk, Chita Kadala, Irkutsk, Kemerovo, Khabarovsk, Khanti-Mansiysk, Magnitogorsk, Moscow, Nadym, Novy Urengoy, Chkalovsk, Sochi, Ufa, Vladivostok, and Yekaterinburg Aramil Airports in Russia.


East Line Airlines' check-in time is completed 40 minutes before the actual departure time shown on the ticket. Any passenger who reports late for flight check-in may be denied boarding the flight.


East Line Airlines' passengers are allowed to carry small articles of baggage, like handbags, in the passenger cabin if it is within the free baggage allowance limit. Only one article with a maximum weight of 11 lbs and size of 18x14x6" is allowed inside the passenger cabin. East Line Airlines maintains that it has no liability over any of these bags. Any bulky baggage over 20x20x40" and heavy baggage exceeding 66 lbs carried by passengers will only be allowed with a prior consent of the East Line management. Excess baggage will only be accepted if the maximum payload of the airplane has not been exceeded.


When you book flights for infants less than two years of age at East Line Airlines, you would only need to pay a portion of the fare of the adult taking the flight with the infant. To determine the price of the ticket for the infant, just complete a booking form indicating the number of adults, children, and infants, then you will automatically get the breakdown of the ticket prices for your group. You could also request a Skycot for infants that will only be confirmed the moment you check-in for your flight. East Line maintains however, that this service is only subject to availability on the day of the flight.


When booking tickets for children less than 12 years old at East Line Airlines, you can choose to take advantage of the minor service that the airline offers. The minor service allows passengers to book the children's tickets with a particular discounted price. The amount of the discount on the tickets a passenger (or the minor) can receive will depend on the price of the ticket/s of the adult/s accompanying the children on their trip. When you book your flights with East Line Airlines and you are traveling with a minor, be sure that you indicate the number of the adults taking the same flight with the children so that you could automatically view the discount that will be applied.


No pets are allowed to be carried inside the passenger cabin of East Lines Airlines, with the exception of duly trained and assigned guide dogs for the blind. However, even with the proper documentation, the guide dogs are only allowed to be carried in the baggage hold of the aircraft with a specific price established by East Lines Airlines. Also, all kinds of pets, including birds, dogs, cats, and others are only allowed to be transported if there is a prior consent from the East Lines carrier management, and if the passenger could provide a written permission, stating that the pet is safe to be transported. This permit must be strictly obtained from duly recognized departments of veterinary and customs control.

Frequent Flyer Program

East Line Airlines currently does not have a frequent flyer program.

Airline Magazines

East Line offers great in-flight meals ranging from Western, European and Southeast Asian dishes. The airline prides itself for having a menu of more than 500 main courses, snacks, hundreds of desserts and pastries, including health standard approved infant's foods. East Line also caters to different food concerns and accepts specifications to serve specialty foods for Islamic (halal foods) and Jewish (Kosher) passengers.

Air Alliances

East Line has no official in flight magazine, but they do offer a wide range of international newspapers, magazines and periodicals. These reading materials are available in English and other languages.

Contact Information

East Line Airlines' address is Domodedovo Airport, Domodedovsky142015 Moscow, Russia. For reservations in Russia, you may call the number (095) 795 3802, Headquarters phone number is (+7) 095 795 3831, and fax number is (+7) 095 795 3847. You could also check their website at www.eastline.ru or email them at esl@eastline.ru.

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